Having a great time and chance to visit the wonderful places in the world will be such a good time for you as long as you can choose the right place to visit. There will be a lot of ideas of fascinating places in the world, such like Raja Ampat. Of course, many of you have noticed the existence of this earth paradise, especially if you have a hobby in diving and snorkeling while enjoying the beauty of the underwater. Sure, Raja Ampat will be the answer for the beautiful nature including the underwater. Raja Ampat is our favorite ones. Of course, many of you also agree with us. That is why we share any great information and experiences about this place to make you know much about this place and have the great ideas when you are planning to visit this area. For more information, don’t hesitate to send your mail to us bobyferdiano@gmail.com or visit our blog on rajaampatku.blogspot.com, so you can know more about Raja Ampat Island and its attraction.

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, Indonesia. There are so many islands there. Of course, it is the area of archipelagos. That is why we will find a lot of islands. More than one thousand islands there, including the great ones and the small ones. Most of the areas in Raja Ampat are still unspoiled and pure. We can enjoy the mangrove forests there, the coral islands, a lot of coral reefs with a lot of colors and shapes. The tropical fishes in various types and colors can also be found there. The adorable underwater in Raja Ampat makes us feel excited and will to share all the beauty to you. In Raja Ampat, there are so many adorable spots which can be visited, such like Hidden Bay, Kabui Bay, Arborek Village, Manta Sandy, Sawinggrai Village, and so on. You need to know first about a lot of spots which are wonderful and must visit in Raja Ampat.

Besides enjoying the underwater life by snorkeling and diving, you also can enjoy a lot of activities in Raja Ampat. You can meet the native people there and join in the activities which they do every day. You will learn much about their unique tradition and culture. So, the interesting points of Raja Ampat is not only about its beautiful beaches, coral islands, and also its nature, but also the kind people there with their uniqueness make our vacation in Raja Ampat perfect. Raja Ampat also can be your destination to go for couples to get the romantic honeymoon since Raja Ampat has the serene yet beautiful ambience to enjoy by couples who look for the romantics in a beautiful nature. 

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