The Beautiful Marine Species in Melissa’s Garden, Raja Ampat

Having a great interest on diving and snorkeling will be something fun if we a great long holiday and enjoy those activities in our holiday. Of course, that will be a great vacation. If you really want to enjoy the underwater view which is totally wonderful as like a paradise, visiting Raja Ampat is a must. That is located in West Papua, Indonesia. That is the archipelago with more than one thousand of islands. The beautiful nature there makes this place is completely popular among the travelers. That is especially for them who like diving and snorkeling. One of the great places to visit in Raja Ampat is Melissa’s Garden. That is a must visit place if you love snorkeling and diving. Sure, that place is totally recommended by a lot of travelers all over the world. Still, Raja Ampat is well known of its beautiful underwater and beach view. That is what we can simply enjoy there. That is what we can find in Melissa’s Garden. This is still natural with the beautiful marine species and also beach there.

Melissa’s Garden is still natural since not many people who know about this area. So, the condition of this place is still totally natural. Melissa’s Garden takes place in Fam Islands. That is the islands with a lot of incredible limestone islands and islets which are on the west of Batanta Island. In Melissa’s Garden, we can enjoy snorkeling and diving since there are so many unique marine species which we can enjoy, such like tasseled wobbegong shark which is completely strange yet wonderful. Besides of that, we also can find the impressive manta ray, maroon clownfish, and even the great barracuda. There are also so many other marine species which are really attractive which we can find there. The adorable coral gardens with its beautiful colors make the underwater view there is completely adorable yet amazing. That looks like the underwater paradise in the world.

Of course, we can enjoy all of the great attractions there with the beautiful and adorable natures. Sure, reaching this place requires a bit effort since it can only be reached through boat. You can rent a small boat to reach this place from Sorong. Another idea is by renting the adorable yacht which you can find in Sorong and enjoy the journey. That is such a perfect vacation for the travelers who like enjoying the nature, snorkeling, and diving. 

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