Dive Yourself in Raja Ampat!

Well, it is not really difficult for the travelers to find the precise dive resort in Raja Ampat. With only go to the Raja Ampat which located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, you may find a lot of home stay, hotels, and dive resorts as well. Even, you will confuse to choose which dive resort that is best because of their good services. But then, within this article, we will suggest some recommended dive resorts that will serve you as well as giving the best diving time beneath the Raja Ampat’s sea surface. The best dive resort is not only giving the best sensation of diving, but also comes with the others resort facilities such as restaurant, dive boat, and others dive facilities.

Papua Paradise Eco Resort

When you are searching for the best dive resort in Raja Ampat, you can visit the Papua Paradise Eco Resort as well. Located in the uninhabited island so called Birie, this resort may give you the natural sensation of diving. Imagine that you can enjoy bird view along the coast. You can have the very beautiful and comfort bungalow which built traditionally. A wooden bungalow built with local architectures should be the best place to relieve your stress. Make sure that you can enjoy the turquoise water scenery from the verandas of bungalow as well. After a long rest in bungalow, you can dive in the pristine water with manta rays, sharks, and some unique fish. Do not forget to enjoy its beautiful sea floor landscape as well. 

Papua Paradise Eco Resort Front, Raja Ampat

Papua Paradise Eco Resort Room, Raja Ampat
Photo sourcehttp://www.papuaparadise.com/en/the-resort/accommodation

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Well, the other dive resort that is precise for spending your holiday time is called as the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. This alternative dive resort is also known of its service and facilities. With the professional dive crew and high quality of dive facilities, this resort can make sure that you are safe during your diving time. You also can enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery from this resort. The difference from the Papua Paradise Eco Resort is this resort offers the rest area with a unique design of stage house. Some green plants decorated the area should be very natural and fresh for your vacation. With the traditional architecture, the stage house can offer the most comfort nuance for your rest time. The gloomy condition is very best for honeymoon either. So, be sure to have your vacation in the best dive resort in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Front

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Room

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The Secret of Hidden Dive Spots in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is well known for its sea beauty and also wonderful scenery in the islands. Besides that, this place is also a home for many wonderful earth species, including the rare plants and also fishes. Located quite far from the Papua Mainland, Indonesia, this place is having many secrets, from its beautiful bays, great beaches, and also interesting dive spots. In this article, we want to recommend to you two beautiful dive spot that you should visit in here, they are Manta Dive Spot and Kri Peninsula.

Raja Ampat Beauty and Wonderful Under Water
Raja Ampat Beauty Under Water
Manta Dive Spot

Manta Dive Spot is quite popular for divers, because once you dive there; there is a possibility for you to see a manta fish there, one of rare fishes in the earth. To reach this location, you have to book your flight to Sorong from Jakarta, and go directly to the harbor area. From here, you go to Waisai, located in Waigeo Island (one of the big islands in Raja Ampat). We recommend you to book your accommodation in Waisai, because the Manta Dive Spot is located one hour trip from here, near Mansuar Island. You can see the manta fishes when you are diving for 5 meters or more. You can also see many clown fishes there. While you are diving, you have to keep your body from white-black sea snake, because this animal is poisonous for human body.

Kri Peninsula

Kri Peninsula is also popular because of its underwater scenery’s beauty, and this is why many divers also going to this place. There are many coral reefs and also beautiful fishes that you can see. The water in here is also very clear, and this is why Kri Peninsula is not only popular as a dive spot, but also as snorkeling spot. The beauty of this location is also acknowledged by many marine biologists from all over the world. If you are interested with this dive spot, you can reach this location from Sorong for 5 hours. It’s better for you to book your accommodation in Sorong, but if you want to book it at other islands, it’s also okay.
The art of diving is not only how smooth your movement in the underwater are while you are diving, but also about how you can keep the beauty of the dive spot. This is why, we want to remind you to follow all regulations in Raja Ampat, and not littering anywhere in these beautiful spots. Enjoy your holiday!

Photo by Lakshmi Sawitri (CC-BY)

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Beautiful Place and Species to Visit in Raja Ampat for Photographers

Raja Ampat is considered as a complete place to visit for photographers. It is not only offering great diving adventure but also about its wild life. In short, you are not only enjoying the underwater area but also the island. How about if you don’t want to dive? Don’t worry with that because Raja Ampat offers great wild life to enjoy and explore.

The Species You Can Find in Raja Ampat

It is a common for people who come to Raja Ampat to explore both, the underwater area and the island. This is concerning to the fact that the island gives several natural attractions. In specific, you will find at least 171 bird species. Moreover, you can also enjoy the beauty of 27 mammal species. Those mammals are including opossum, cuscus, striped opossum, bat, and tree rat. If you go to the South Misool, you can see the beauty of 159 bird species. It will be your lucky day if you can find Cendrawasih which is also known as birds of paradise and 5 bat species. Definitely, you will enjoy the paradise in Raja Ampat only from its wild life. For example, you can find wild white cockatoo bird, forest kingfisher, Julang Irian, king parrots, and Maleo. It is really a great place for you to take a picture to get the best natural shoot.

The Place to Find the Species 

Visiting the exact location in Raja Ampat is the best way to get the best shoots. At least, there are 4 different beautiful places you need to visit to find beautiful birds. Those are Sawinggrai, Yenbeser, Gam Island, and Yenwaupnor. Just wait the perfect moment in which birds playing around the white sandy beach or playing around the trees. It is better for you to spend a few days or weeks to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat along with its wild life. If you have enough time to stay in Raja Ampat, you can visit 4 different areas. Those areas are West Waigeo, West Watanta, North Salawati, and South Misool. You don’t need to worry with the place to stay. This island has several places to stay such as inn, cottage, bungalow, and resort. For those who want to stay in more private and together with the surrounding, you can just choose to take homestay. For your reference, you can just choose to stay around Dampier Strait because there are several buildings for tourists. When the place to stay is ready, you can start to explore Raja Ampat to get the best shoots. 

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Enjoying the Beauty of Raja Ampat by Boat

Beautiful Raja Ampat Sunset View from Boat
Raja Ampat Sunset View from Dive Boat
There are several activities you can do when spending your time in Raja Ampat. If you are a diver, don’t miss the opportunity to do live board. This is also the interesting activity to do while diving. This is concerning to the fact that you can enjoy beautiful and outstanding places along with fresh air. Here is the explanation for you who have a plan to visit Raja Ampat.

2 Sailing Routes You Can Take 

For your information, to support sailing activity, Raja Ampat has 38 active tourist boats operating in water. The boats are made of wood. Because of this, you can get experience to sail around Raja Ampat just like the ancient sailors. Just imagine the wind blow in your face while enjoying the outstanding scenery. You can take two types of sailing packages. First, you can choose the first package which started from Sorong City. Then, you will sail to the northern area of Waigeo to Wayag. This sailing package continued to the south of Misool area. The last is from Misool area to the starting point, Sorong City. You are not only spending the time on the board. You also have an opportunity to transit in beautiful places. Just take this time to get the best natural shoot with your camera. Later, you can share it with your friends. If you still have time, you can take the second package with different sailing route. The second route is the best route for divers. This is concerning to the fact that you will be sailed across diving areas which you can explore.    

How the Journey to Raja Ampat Begin

Most of the activities are started from Sorong City. You can start your journey from Jakarta, Manado or Makassar. You can reach this island by plane. If it is impossible for you to use aircraft of plane, you can use ferry. You can start the water journey by ferry from Manado, Ternate, Ambon, or Makassar. For those who think that taking boat is the best option, it is important to check the schedules of the boat. The journey is finished yet because you have to continue the journey to the West Papua starting from Sorong port to Waisai. You have to take this journey for about 1.5 hours up to 2 hours. In short, Raja Ampat is a perfect holiday destination to visit especially if you are diver, photographer, explorer, and even if you only just want to enjoy natural scenery. Just try it and share your experience as soon as possible.  

Photo by Ken Traub (CC-BY)

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Determining the Best Time to Visit Raja Ampat

When traveling to anywhere around the world, checking various details will be really helpful in preparation for the trip. One of the important things will be about the clothes that will be brought for one whole trip. If the weather is cold, wearing proper thick and warming clothes will be good. If the weather is hot, plain t-shirt is more than good enough. What about the people who plan to go to Raja Ampat? Well, the islands are located in east side of Indonesia. Naturally, the weather will be hot. For the people who are used with cool weather, it will be very hot because the sun shines every day.

Blue Sky of Raja Ampat
The Hot Tropical Weather

The weather in Raja Ampat is affected by the tropical climate as well as the changes of monsoon winds. The weather is mainly hot although that there will be time when the weather will be quite cool. In a period from May to November, the southeast wind usually comes and blows. Meanwhile, from December to April, there will be northwest wind. There are only two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. When coming to Raja Ampat, every traveler may want to check the calendar for the best time to visit. Rainy season is the cooler season but definitely not good for outdoor activities because of the constant rain.

Best Time to Visit Raja Ampat

The best time to visit Raja Ampat will be from September to May of the next year. The weather is really hot during that period. However, that will also be the ideal weather to visit Raja Ampat. Visitors may enjoy their time diving and doing a lot other outdoor activities they like. Diving or snorkeling will be a lot more fun because the water clarity is at its best. Expect the diving spots to have more than enough sunshine that goes through the sea water and become the natural light that will guide divers to the beautiful coral reefs.

Coming to Raja Ampat during June to August will not be a good idea because of bad weather. During that period, Raja Ampat will have the strong winds. The strength of winds leads to the high waves that may reach 4 meters or even more than that. Outdoor activities will not be a good thing. Everyone who wishes to travel to Raja Ampat needs to know for sure the perfect time to visit.

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What You Can Enjoy while Diving in Raja Ampat

If you have a plan to start your increase your diving experience, you can just take several challenging places in Indonesia. For your reference, you can take Raja Ampat as one of challenging place for diving. It is a must for you to take this place for diving because of its several sites to visit. If it is your first time to visit Raja Ampat, you can just read this information.

Diving experience at Raja Ampat
Under Water at Raja Ampat
Exotic Underwater Garden in Raja Ampat

The first destination when you are diving around Raja Ampat is known as Melissa’s Garden. So, what do you find in this underwater garden? The best part of this garden is when you are seeing wobbegong shark or known as Eucrossorhinus dasypogon. In fact, it can be your luckiest day if you can meet this type of shark when you are diving in Raja Ampat. This is because the population of the shark has been very limited due to the over fishing. If you want to see the same underwater creatures, you can continue your diving activity by visiting the second site known as Manta Sandy. Besides seeing similar creatures, you can also see the beautiful scenery because of the clean water condition. It is up to you to miss this second site or take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty but it is better for you to stay for awhile there and feel the sensation.

Beautiful Underwater Rocks in Raja Ampat

The next underwater garden you should visit while diving around Raja Ampat is Black Rock. The unique thing about this garden is because you will see colorful soft coral garden. The beauty of this area looks complete with the appearance of various types of fishes you can see clearly. Don’t stop your exploration before visiting Boo Rock. It looks scary, isn’t it? Actually, it is not as scary as its name. When you are diving around this rock you will see specific type of fish known as pinnate fish and also yellow stripes grunts fish. Colorful fishes become the main attraction of this area and it seems you want to spend a few more hours to swim along with the fishes. If you still have time, you can also continue your diving activity by exploring Caves. In this area, you can also enjoy specific type of fish namely anemone fish. It is a tiny fish about 1.9 centimeters long. Just enjoy this exploration and you can share the excitement with your friends or the other divers.

Photo by Hulivili Pro-Mitglied (CC-BY)

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4 Beautiful Paradise in Raja Ampat

Bali maybe is the most popular vacation destination in Indonesia. But, don’t forget that Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. So, there are many other places that offer similar vacation spot quality like Bali. Raja Ampat is one of them. In fact, Raja Ampat has become one of the most popular vacation destinations today. Raja Ampat consist many islands, but, there are 4 main islands that you can visit.
Beauty of Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Island
Waiego Island

This place is your main destination, because this island is the center of this place. It’s easy to reach from other city in Indonesia and Papua, and from this island, you also can visit the other 3 island easily. There is large area of forest you can find here and most of them are unexplored. But, you can try to visit it with a help from guide. At there, you can see the rare sight of one of the rarest bird, the Red Bird of Paradise. This island also has many best diving spot. And, if you are lucky, you can see the white tip reef sharks and black tip reed sharks swimming around in that spot (see The Beauty of Waigeo Island).

Misool Island

This island has breath-taking beautiful nature scenery. You will feel like you are in real paradise. The clear turquoise water, the beautiful green forest scenery and people who are always welcoming, are some of greatness of this island. More than that, this island also has Petroglyphs, which is ancient drawing and sculpting that you can find on cave wall. Of course, this is island also has best diving spot. What you can find in those diving spot is one of most beautiful coral reef scenery (see Plan Your Trip to Misool Island).

Salawati Island

This island is located in remote area. But, this is where you can get great vacation experience. You will get the most peaceful place you can visit. The nature scenery is also beautiful here, plus like other place in Raja Ampat, you also can enjoy many beautiful diving spot here. However, this place has no restaurant or such; therefore, you need to bring food from Sorong or nearby island, before you stay in this place. Then, you can feel the real adventure here (see Beautiful Beach on Salawati Island).

Batanta Island

We can say that Batanta Island is virgin island of Raja Ampat. There are many areas in this place that hasn’t been explored. Therefore, if you like hiking and get more adventure in forest, this place is the best island you can visit. This island isn’t too big, so, you can easily explore each area in this place (see Great Natural Scenery at Batanta Island).

See also Kofiau Island

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Looking for Heaven in Raja Ampat

When we are talking about Raja Ampat geography, I surely suggested you to think out what heaven looks like. Perhaps, in the bible story, we know that God created the Eden Park for Adam and Eve as beautiful as our imagination. The difference between land and water can be seen through its element. Therefore, you can find such imagination become reality by visiting Raja Ampat. Located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, this group of islands will surely surprise you with its gorgeous natural scenery and resources as well. Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo are the four big islands within the group of Raja Ampat islands. Also, it is one small island called Kofiau which located further in west side. So, make sure yourself to enjoy this national marine park during your vacation.
Raja Ampat Panoramic View
Raja Ampat Islands

How is the Geography?

As usually, Raja Ampat geography is well-known internationally. Imagine that you are diving in beneath the sea with a lot of biodiversity. You may find the unique and beautiful coral reef along the sea floor. Known as the most popular spot for diving in international view, this island can show you what they have inside its sea. Located in the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is rich of marine life. It is also recorded as the richest island contains of marine biodiversity. The island contains of coral reef biodiversity and even be the best. The occasion of this island for coral reef is very good. Untouchable and undisturbed by human is the place where coral reef can live longer. Also, the high temperature of water makes sure that the coral reef can live and grow.

A Living for Natural Beings

Because of its warmness, you may find a lot of fish species under the Raja Ampat. According to the data, Raja Ampat has become the habitat for approximately 1,508 fish and 699 mollusk species. Moreover, as the richest island contains of coral reef, Raja Ampat can provide the substances for 537 coral species as well. If you are willing to dive around the sea, you may also find some school of fish or wobbegongs as the unique shark fish. Therefore, if you are interested to come into Raja Ampat, the film which titled as Edies Paradise 3 can be the teaser for yourself. This documentary film has recorded many beautiful and magnificent spots in Raja Ampat as well as its natural under water. The Raja Ampat geography is also valued and considered as the “new amazon”.

Photo by Jonathan Chase (CC-BY)

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Having Beautiful Scenery in Raja Ampat

If you want to have relaxation during your busy activities, how if you enjoy scenery in Raja Ampat? Located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, this group of islands will surely surprise you with its gorgeous natural scenery and resources as well. Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo are the four big islands within the group of Raja Ampat islands. Also, it is one small island called Kofiau which located further in west side. There are a lot of things you can do in Raja Ampat such as diving, snorkeling, or even only stay in a seaside bungalow. Also, you can have such beautiful seaside scenery wherever you stay. So, make sure you spend your very limited holiday in the so-called heaven coral islands.

Having Beautiful Scenery in Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Islands
Look for Seafloor Scenery?

Enjoy scenery in Raja Ampat should be the best activity you have to do. Because of its warmness, you may find a lot of fish species under the Raja Ampat. According to the data, Raja Ampat has become the habitat for approximately 1,508 fish and 699 mollusk species. Moreover, as the richest island contains of coral reef, Raja Ampat can provide the substances for 537 coral species as well. If you are willing to dive around the sea, you may also find some school of fish or wobbegongs as the unique shark fish. Through the diving sensation, you can enjoy the wide view of sea floor. But, the thing is you have to make sure your safety by renting the dive facilities. You can access it from the local people who run this kind of business. Therefore, your diving experience will be very exciting as well as safe.

Create Your Own Sea Kingdom

Well, we really suggest for those who want to enjoy scenery in Raja Ampat to stay in the most popular and recommended hotel in Raja Ampat. It is not really difficult to find a hotel in this favorite spot of vacation. A lot of manager has built their hotel I order to provide a warm bed through the night. But then, you have to seek the best from the best. The Dive Resort Raja4Divers should be the best castle you will ever have. Imagine that you are living in a silent delta near the coast where the warm blue sea under your bed. Yes, you will live in the stage house above the water surface. Therefore, you only have to jump for the best dive in Raja Ampat. Feeling like a king, yeah? So, make sure that you stay in this hotel for beautiful blue scenery.

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Amazing Paradise Of Raja Ampat In West Papua, Indonesia

Indonesia has a thousand places which has natural beauty of flora and fauna. This island country has been famous for its exotic tourism island which is many people knows as Bali. The fame of Bali is really exceeded the other tourism objects in Indonesia though there are still other tourism object that is more beautiful than Bali. You may be able to imagine how beautiful Bali is but think again if there is a place that is more beautiful than Bali, it would be wonderful right? I will tell you one of the paradises in West Indonesia which is called Raja Ampat. It is a series of little island that is scattered in a clear sea water with a lot of beautiful coral reefs. You may stay in one of the little island with white beach sand. You may feel the sensation of staying in an island that is yours. It would have a lot of fun right? If you still wondering how beautiful the Raja Ampat, you may search on the website search engine. Your jaw may be opened in a while if you see the beauty of these islands. If you want to come to this place you may prepare the trip to Raja Ampat of Papua in West Indonesia. This way your journey will be more effective.
Preparation of The Trip

Well there are two ways in making a trip to the Raja Ampat first you can go there by tourism agent or by yourself or we often say “backpacking”. If you decide to choose tourism agent the half of your burden in preparing the trip may be reduced but if you want to keep the sensation in making a journey you may choose the backpacking. Get to know all about the information in Raja Ampat whether the hotels or the transportation. You should be careful because in choosing transportation could be a tricky one. You should have knowledge in taking the service of the transportation to the Raja Ampat. So this article will provide you with the mean of transportation to there.
Transportation To Raja Ampat

From Jakarta you can choose an airline to Sorong, Papua. You may use Batavia Air, Wings Air, or Express Air. You may make transit in Makassar for two hours then your trip is continued. After you arrived in Domine Eduard Airport of Sorong you can take the public transportation outside the Airport to the Sorong harbor. From there you may pick one of the ships that bound to Raja Ampat. The total transportation fare may be around five hundreds dollar. May you enjoy the trip.
Sorong to Raja Ampat, West Papua
Sorong, West Papua

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Recommended Beaches in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is well known for its beauty, whether it is in the underwater’s area or in islands’ area. Besides that, this place is also a home for many wonderful earth species, including the rare plants and also fishes. This is why, many tourists go to Raja Ampat for diving, snorkeling, biological research, or just enjoy the beautiful beaches. Located quite far from the Papua Mainland, Indonesia, this place is having many wonderful beaches that keep so many wonderful things. In this article, we want to recommend to you our top two beaches in Raja Ampat, they are WTC Beach and Waiwo Beach.

WTC Beach

WTC is an acronym for Waisai Torang Cinta (in local language), or the Lovely Waisai. This beach is quite popular because it’s quite near from Sorong, one of Papua big cities. In this beach, you can see many wonderful things. From its spot beach sand everywhere, clear sea waves, and also coconut trees that naturally grow there. The scenery in here is too good to be true, and this is why we love this place! To reach this location, you have to book your flight from Jakarta to Sorong, and go for one-hour trip from Sorong to Waisai, a place that located in Waigeo Island, one of the big islands in Raja Ampat (see WTC Beach, Perfect Place for Enjoying White Sandy Beach).

Waiwo Beach

This beach is located in the same location of WTC Beach, which is in Waisai. The white beach sand in here is very soft, and the color degradation in here is also spectacular. The time when most of the people mesmerized with this beach’s beauty is during 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., because this beach get bright sunlight from the sun. This beach is very popular, and that is why many homestays that also you can book in here. The water in this beach is also very clear, and if you are lucky enough, you might see some little fishes from its beach side. You can also use a long boat or a speedboat there, if you like to see the underwater scenery of this beach from upside. There is also a unique spot in here for you to give foods for the fishes. You can give foods like breads or rice in the very small amount.

Beautiful Beach of Raja Ampat
Beautiful Beach of Raja Ampat Island
Well, if you have three or four days of holiday, book you flight now to Waisai and see the beauty of these beaches directly from your eyes. Remember, always follow the rules and don’t harm the environment in Raja Ampat. Enjoy your holiday!

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Enjoy Holiday in the Wonderful Island, Raja Ampat

Most people know about Raja Ampat. It is one of famous islands in Indonesia and now it is well-known as best holiday destination not only for domestic tourists but for foreign tourists. Most people come to Raja Ampat because they want to see the wonderful view in this place. Raja Ampat is located in West Papua Province. Raja Ampat Islands consist of some other islands such as Batanta, Waigeo, Salawati, Misool and also Kofiau. When you are interested in visiting Raja Ampat, it is important for all of you to check and understand the history of Raja Ampat first.

Not all people know why this island is called as Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat means 4 kings. Raja Ampat’s name is derived from the local mythology about woman that finds 7 eggs. The seven eggs finally hatch and become kings. 4 kings become island in Raja Ampat and three other eggs become a woman, stone and also ghost.  Most people who live in Raja Ampat is Ambonese than Papua people although Raja Ampat’s area is in West of Papua. Most people in this area are Muslim and the other people are Christian.

There are some best activities that you can do when you come to Raja Ampat. You need to do snorkeling and diving because Raja Ampat is known as best diving and snorkeling place in the world. When you like to come to Raja Ampat, you need to read some tips below.

Wonderful Island Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
First you need to come in the best time. You should not come in December to January to this place because you will not be able to enjoy your water activities. It is good to come to this place n October or November. You will be able to enjoy your snorkeling and diving activities without experience bad weather. Second, for all of you who have plan to come to this place, you should bring your underwater camera and you will be able to use your skill in capturing all best views under water in this place. Third, you must bring some equipment such as sunblock, sunscreen, and also hat when you don’t want to burn in this place. Before you leave this island, you should not forget to buy all best things from this place. You can buy souvenir from this place such as sculpture from Asmat tribe, traditional fabric from this area and some other things. You should not choose other place because this place will become the best place to enjoy holiday and do your underwater hobby.

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