Determining the Best Time to Visit Raja Ampat

When traveling to anywhere around the world, checking various details will be really helpful in preparation for the trip. One of the important things will be about the clothes that will be brought for one whole trip. If the weather is cold, wearing proper thick and warming clothes will be good. If the weather is hot, plain t-shirt is more than good enough. What about the people who plan to go to Raja Ampat? Well, the islands are located in east side of Indonesia. Naturally, the weather will be hot. For the people who are used with cool weather, it will be very hot because the sun shines every day.

Blue Sky of Raja Ampat
The Hot Tropical Weather

The weather in Raja Ampat is affected by the tropical climate as well as the changes of monsoon winds. The weather is mainly hot although that there will be time when the weather will be quite cool. In a period from May to November, the southeast wind usually comes and blows. Meanwhile, from December to April, there will be northwest wind. There are only two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. When coming to Raja Ampat, every traveler may want to check the calendar for the best time to visit. Rainy season is the cooler season but definitely not good for outdoor activities because of the constant rain.

Best Time to Visit Raja Ampat

The best time to visit Raja Ampat will be from September to May of the next year. The weather is really hot during that period. However, that will also be the ideal weather to visit Raja Ampat. Visitors may enjoy their time diving and doing a lot other outdoor activities they like. Diving or snorkeling will be a lot more fun because the water clarity is at its best. Expect the diving spots to have more than enough sunshine that goes through the sea water and become the natural light that will guide divers to the beautiful coral reefs.

Coming to Raja Ampat during June to August will not be a good idea because of bad weather. During that period, Raja Ampat will have the strong winds. The strength of winds leads to the high waves that may reach 4 meters or even more than that. Outdoor activities will not be a good thing. Everyone who wishes to travel to Raja Ampat needs to know for sure the perfect time to visit.

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  1. Hey there! Im planning to travel around Raja Ampat in September of this year and spend a whole week there. How big is the risk to take full rainy days at this period?