Visiting the Unique Mayalibit Bay in Raja Ampat

Surely, almost all travel lovers have heard about Raja Ampat which is located in West Papua, Indonesia. That place is really popular especially among the people who have a hobby in snorkeling and diving. Among the diving and snorkeling lovers, visiting Raja Ampat is such a must. Sure, that is because Raja Ampat is one of the places in the world with a lot of types of coral reefs and the marine species which are totally wonderful so that snorkeling and diving in the water of Raja Ampat is a must. One of the places in Raja Ampat which have to be visited is Mayalibit Bay that takes place in Waigeo archipelago. Mayalibit Bay is like a great bay which is splitting Waigeo Island into two parts. That looks like really great and adorable. Of course, as like another spots in Raja Ampat, Mayalibit Bay also offers the fascinating beauty. We also can find the kind native people there with their unique tradition and culture. We can imagine how beautiful and natural the area is. That is like what we can simply enjoy there.

Mayalibit Bay is said to be the unique place which is really different from others. That is because Mayalibit Bay is an enclosed bay with its coral rock or karst walls framed the bay. It looks so unique and of course fascinating which we might not find in other bays. Of course, you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater life. The marine life or marine species and also the colorful coral reefs there become really great to enjoy. The adorable mangrove also makes the ecosystem there so that we will find the beautiful and adorable area in Mayalibit Bay by snorkeling and diving. Sure, both of those activities are the must do ones when we are in Raja Ampat, including when we are in Mayalibit Bay. Besides snorkeling and diving, fishing will also be fun to be done when we are in Mayalibit Bay.

We can find a lot of marine species which are totally fascinating and hard to find when we are in Mayalibit Bay. That is including the Wobbegong Shark. You also can visit the diving spot of Cape Kimindores. Then, you can go on to Mioskon to enjoy schooling fish. That will be such the unforgettable moment in life if you are enjoying your journey in Mayalibit Bay. Of course, you also can interact with the native people there and know their uniqueness with the awesome tradition and culture which is still closely held. 

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Finding the Hidden Paradise in Hidden Bay, Raja Ampat

Having a great time enjoying the beauty of the nature is something great to refresh our mind we can get our mind relaxed by having a great time there. That is something good to do if you already feel stuck with all of your routines. It is good to take some days for having a break and have a sweet escape to refresh the mind. Visiting Raja Ampat is such a good thing to do. That has the beautiful nature in serene which can be enjoyed. We can enjoy a lot of activities there. One of the good places to visit in Raja Ampat is the Hidden Bay. If you list Kabui Bay as your destination in your Raja Ampat vacation, you need to visit Hidden bay near Kabui Bay. So, after you enjoy the adorable and fascinating coral islands in Kabui Bay, you can go on to Hidden Bay. That is called as Hidden Bay since it only can be reached when the water is high. That is because when the water is receding, the place will be hindered by the sands and the boat would not be able to cross. So, you need to wait a moment until it is getting high and you can enter the hidden paradise there.

The Hidden bay is such a must visit place especially if we are also visiting Kabui Bay. The small lane which will connect to Hidden bay is really small so that it needs to be much more careful since it really risky. That is because the boat can be sunk by the sandy of the seabed. So, the boat crew needs to be completely careful to handle the boat. However, after the heart-beating journey to reach Hidden bay, you will feel like finding the hidden paradise there. There, we will find the beautiful coral reefs, mangrove forests, and also the clean white sands. The clear water makes everything perfect.

In Hidden bay, we will get the great looking of the colorful marine species, including the colorful coral reefs. The various beautiful yet colorful fishes will make our eyes so fresh. That will be totally exciting and you will get the unforgettable moment there. In Hidden bay, you also can enjoy the great time of snorkeling in Hidden bay to meet the adorable underwater species there. For sure, it will be such a great moment to swim between the mangroves. That is what you will enjoy when you are enjoying the place.

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Enjoying the Beautiful Cave and Underwater Scenery in Kabui Bay, Raja Ampat

Visiting Raja Ampat is such the great time if you love diving, snorkeling, and enjoying the beautiful pure nature in the serene area. Sure, Raja Ampat becomes the popular destination to go for travelers who like diving and snorkeling. It takes place in west Papua, Indonesia. That is the area of archipelago with adorable islands which are more than one thousands. Of course, there are so many great spots to visit which you can choose, such like Kabui bay. Actually, almost all places in Raja Ampat are totally wonderful. That is not only great as a vacation destination for travelers who love diving and snorkeling but also for just married couples who want to enjoy their romantic honeymoon. Kabui bay becomes one of the recommended sites in Raja Ampat. The location is hidden but all people can reach the place to enjoy its beauty by crossing a small lane between two great coral islands. Then, you will enjoy the beauty of Kabui bay as like you were in the earth paradise. That is because of its natural beauty which can be really refreshing and relaxing.

Kabui Bay is located around Gam Island and Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. To reach this place would not be difficult since there are so many tour packages with Kabui bay as one of the destinations to go which we can choose. That is the simple way to do to reach Kabui Bay. That is popular with its adorable great coral islands around which are called as Karst. The area in Kabui bay is so beautiful, pure, and unspoiled yet. We can find the clear yet clean waters in that area so that we can see a lot of beautiful underwater view such like the beautiful corals, coral reefs, fishes, and also other kinds of marine species there. The colorful underwater can be seen from the surface since it has the very clear water.

At Kabui Bay, under the cliff of the coral island, you will find the unique cave which is full of stalactite and stalagmite. For sure, all of us will imagine how beautiful it is. Sure, to see and enjoy the beauty of the cave, you need wait until the water is subsided because when the water is high, the cave would not be seen since it will be covered by the water. To reach Kabui bay, you can simply reach it from Sorong to Raja Ampat which will take about two until three hours for the journey.

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The Beautiful Boo Rock in Raja Ampat with its Beautiful Underwater

Having a long holiday is the wish of anyone who has felt so stuck and bored doing their routines. For sure, when it happens to you, it means it is the time to have fun. Having a long holiday means we can have so much fun spending the holiday at the right place, for example by having a lot of good ideas for the places to visit. There are a lot of great places which can be your vacation destinations such like Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia which is totally beautiful. You can have some spots to visit there, such like Boo Rock. That is one of the adorable places or spots in Raja Ampat which has a bundle of beauty of the nature to enjoy. So, you can enjoy the serene ambience there for a lot of great fun there. It is such a good place to enjoy by you and your friends and family. Of course, Boo Rock can be a good place which is recommended to be listed on your destination list in Raja Ampat. That is especially if you are in love with the underwater view and also beauty. That will be a good place to visit if you are going to Raja Ampat.

As many of us have known, Raja Ampat is a wonderful place with a wonderful beautiful nature, especially for the underwater. That is including for Boo Rock which becomes one of the must visit places in Raja Ampat. You can enjoy the beautiful pure nature there. Enjoying snorkeling and diving there is also that good thing. What you can enjoy it varied there. The adorable underwater offers a bunch of great treasure, such like we can find a lot of beautiful tropical fishes which will greet us by swimming over us. We also can find the adorable soft corals there. Besides of that, the nudi branches and sponges can also be found there in the various shapes and colors. For sure, we can imagine how beautiful the underwater in Boo Rock is.

As we have said above, when we are diving in Boo Rock, we can see the beautiful colorful underwater scenery which we can enjoy. There are so many adorable colorful marine species there. The tropical fishes that we can find in Boo Rock is varied, such like clown fishes, anemones, surgeon fishes, angel fishes, wrasses, and even the butterfly fishes. All of them can be found in Boo Rock and we can enjoy the unforgettable scenery of the underwater which is totally wonderful there.

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Black Rock in Raja Ampat for a Great Place to Have a Fun Diving

Having a fun vacation is a must when we have a long holiday. Sure, we can go getting the great fun vacation to refresh our mind. Of course, we need to know first what can make us feel fun and attracted. If you like enjoying the beautiful nature which is still pure, especially the beautiful beaches with the amazing underwater life, just go visiting Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia is a good deal. We can enjoy all those great excitement there. That is the archipelago which has the adorable beauty of the nature, especially the beaches, underwater, society, and even the tradition. Almost all spots there are totally worth to visit, such like Black Rock which is often listed as one of the destinations of the Raja Ampat visitors. For sure, Black Rock has its great attractions which make the visitors feel willing to visit the site. Visiting this place will be something easy especially if you are going to visit Raja Ampat in a group with the travel service. You can easily visit Black Rock since it is really popular among the travelers.

Having a long holiday means you can enjoy exploring Raja Ampat and enjoy a lot of fun activities there, including listing Black Rock on our destination lists. That is the place for people who are interested in the activities of diving and snorkeling. We can enjoy the activities in Black Rock. There, the visitors can enjoy a lot of marine species which are really beautiful. Sure, Black Rock is one of the recommended areas to see a lot of marine species under the water. There, we also can enjoy a lot of beautiful corals. Almost all divers are spending their time having an unforgettable diving moment in Black Rock. It is often done before the visitors sailing to Raja Ampat.

A lot of people who are visiting Raja Ampat will have a lot of places to visit, including what we have discussed. The site of Black Rock is the good place which is a must visit place in Raja Ampat. Black Rock has a lot of adorable marine species which we can meet. You can enjoy a fun time to dive with our friends. Almost all people who have visited Raja Ampat to enjoy snorkeling and diving have their fun time in Black Rock. Besides enjoying the activities for snorkeling and diving, we also can enjoy the tradition and also the kindness of the people there. It will be such a memorable moment in life. 

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The Beautiful Manta Rays at Manta Sandy, Raja Ampat

Enjoying the beauty of the nature is something refreshing for many of us. We can enjoy the beauty of the beach, mountain, forest, and so on. Sure, we also can enjoy the beauty of the underwater. There are so many marine species which are completely adorable. We can meet them by snorkeling and diving. Sure, it will be the unforgettable moment for you. Visiting Raja Ampat will be great for enjoying the underwater wonder and also the beautiful beaches and nature there. Surely, many of us have heard about Raja Ampat which is located in West Papua, Indonesia. It is located in West Papua, Indonesia. That is a must visit destination for its beautiful beaches and underwater. There are so many places in Raja Ampat which are great to visit, for example Manta Sandy. You can choose this place as your destination to go when you have a long holiday to enjoy the great fun activities in the beautiful nature.

Manta Sandy is located between the Arborek Island and Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat. The white sands with the beautiful view of the beach make us feel refreshed. Then, we also can enjoy the beautiful underwater by diving and snorkeling. As like its name, Manta Sandy, there we can find the Manta Rays there between the corals under the water. The sea current in Manta Sandy is quite strong. We need to prepare it well. Surely, if you like to see the Manta Rays in various types and sizes and want to swim over the sea with them, perhaps, it is the perfect place to visit as the destination to go for you. Many people who adore this marine species would not think twice to visit this place and enjoy the diving moment which is unforgettable to see the Manta Rays swimming over.

Manta Sandy is one of the great spots in Raja Ampat, Papua which has a great attraction for the travelers who like diving and snorkeling. For sure, Raja Ampat has all the beauty of nature, especially for the beaches and underwater view. If you are planning to visit this paradise in the world and want to see and enjoy the beautiful Manta Rays, it is good to spend a bit of your time to visit Manta Sandy. You will have a great time there. Of course, since it is one of their favorite places to dive, it would not be difficult to reach this place.

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The Beautiful Marine Species in Melissa’s Garden, Raja Ampat

Having a great interest on diving and snorkeling will be something fun if we a great long holiday and enjoy those activities in our holiday. Of course, that will be a great vacation. If you really want to enjoy the underwater view which is totally wonderful as like a paradise, visiting Raja Ampat is a must. That is located in West Papua, Indonesia. That is the archipelago with more than one thousand of islands. The beautiful nature there makes this place is completely popular among the travelers. That is especially for them who like diving and snorkeling. One of the great places to visit in Raja Ampat is Melissa’s Garden. That is a must visit place if you love snorkeling and diving. Sure, that place is totally recommended by a lot of travelers all over the world. Still, Raja Ampat is well known of its beautiful underwater and beach view. That is what we can simply enjoy there. That is what we can find in Melissa’s Garden. This is still natural with the beautiful marine species and also beach there.

Melissa’s Garden is still natural since not many people who know about this area. So, the condition of this place is still totally natural. Melissa’s Garden takes place in Fam Islands. That is the islands with a lot of incredible limestone islands and islets which are on the west of Batanta Island. In Melissa’s Garden, we can enjoy snorkeling and diving since there are so many unique marine species which we can enjoy, such like tasseled wobbegong shark which is completely strange yet wonderful. Besides of that, we also can find the impressive manta ray, maroon clownfish, and even the great barracuda. There are also so many other marine species which are really attractive which we can find there. The adorable coral gardens with its beautiful colors make the underwater view there is completely adorable yet amazing. That looks like the underwater paradise in the world.

Of course, we can enjoy all of the great attractions there with the beautiful and adorable natures. Sure, reaching this place requires a bit effort since it can only be reached through boat. You can rent a small boat to reach this place from Sorong. Another idea is by renting the adorable yacht which you can find in Sorong and enjoy the journey. That is such a perfect vacation for the travelers who like enjoying the nature, snorkeling, and diving. 

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Enjoying the Unique Dancing Bird Performance in Sawinggrai Village

Having a long holiday means we have a long time to spend for having fun. What we need to do is choosing the right destination to go for enjoying the great holiday. If you are interested in enjoying the beautiful nature and doing the outdoor activities, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia will be a right choice. We can simply enjoy a lot of fun in Raja Ampat. We can enjoy every second there by visiting a lot of great places there, as like Sawinggrai Village. Sure, that is one of the tour villages in Raja Ampat which are completely popular among the travelers. That can be your destination to go when you are in Raja Ampat. Sawinggrai Village is located in Meos Mansa District. It would not be hard to reach this village since it is one of the popular tour villages in Raja Ampat.

Sawinggrai Village is well known of its performance of the dancing cendrawasih or the dancing bird of paradise. Sure, the bird becomes the icon of this place besides as the icon of Papua. There are four kinds of Cendrawasih which grow there. They are the greater cendrawasih, the red cendrawasih, Wilson’s cendrawasih, and lesser cendrawasih. The red ones are the icon for this village. Some of the birds in this village have some movements which look like doing a unique dancing performance. That is why this village is well known of its dancing bird of paradise or dancing cendrawasih. The performance of the birds is usually held in the morning and afternoon. The visitors usually arrive there thirty minutes before the performance. In the morning, the bird performance is commonly held on 7-9 am, while in the afternoon on 4-5 pm. sure, that is the must watch performance when we are visiting this village. The attraction of this village is commonly about this unique bird performance that could be found nowhere else.

Since Sawinggrai Village is located in Raja Ampat, of course, it also has the unique tradition and beautiful marine species as well. The beautiful beach is also really great to be enjoyed. Besides enjoying the bird performance in Sawinggrai Village, we also can enjoy snorkeling there. We can enjoy the interactions with a lot of marine species there, such like the beautiful fishes which will greet you. The underwater life there is such a beautiful paradise which needs to be visited. If you want to stay there for some nights, you can go to the home stays there. 

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Enjoying the Fun Vacation in Beautiful Arborek Village

There are so many places which we can enjoy when we are planning to have a great vacation. One of them is Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia which is totally popular among people all over the world. If you like to be at the serene place with its beautiful nature, including the underwater world and the beach, the answer is surely Raja Ampat. That has the beautiful nature with the adorable world underwater paradise to be enjoyed. A lot of spots there can be well enjoyed. We can simply find some ideas for the great spots to visit in Raja Ampat. One of the great spots there is Arborek Village. That is such a must visit spot in Raja Ampat. Arborek Village is one of the popular villages in Raja Ampat which becomes one of the destinations for many visitors of Raja Ampat. That can be the destination for the village tour in Raja Ampat. Of course, there will be a lot of great activities which the visitors can enjoy there.

In Arborek Village, you can enjoy the activities of the native people there. One of the activities which you can enjoy is getting known about their daily activities, as like the women there who are creating their typical crafts, which is the woven hat. That is one of the typical craft in Arborek Village. When it s low tide of the sea water, the visitors also can enjoy the activities which are done by the women in Arborek Village, which is hunting the sea cucumbers. Sure, there are so many interesting activities that are done by the native people there which we can join in. Besides of that, as like the other spots in Raja Ampat, when you are in Arborek Village, diving and snorkeling are the must do activities. Sure, the beautiful underwater view becomes something great to enjoy there.

Diving and snorkeling in Arborek Village becomes something special since we can meet the Pari Manta fishes there. This kind of fish in this area is totally kind since they will greet us and we will enjoy the interaction with the fishes. That will be such the unforgettable moment to get when we are in Raja Ampat. Of course, there are also a lot of marine species which are totally adorable and wonderful to be enjoyed there. Sure, besides of that, the beautiful beach scenery in Arborek Village is also completely beautiful. We can enjoy every second there and get our mind completely refreshed.

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The Uniqueness in Handicrafts of Raja Ampat

Coming to Raja Ampat, many people expect to see the beautiful marine life when they dive into the sea. There is no doubt that the underwater life of Raja Ampat will always become the best attraction. However, the beautiful sceneries are not the ones being offered by Raja Ampat. There are also the unique handicrafts that can be taken home as a token of a journey to the “lost paradise”. The handicrafts are available in various sizes and also prices. Most of them have the great ethnical feel in the design that makes them very interesting to be purchased.

Artistic Wooden Handicrafts

Aside of clothing and the small accessories, there are also wooden handicrafts that will be interesting to be checked. This one option might be more expensive but will be worthy because of artistic value of the handicrafts. There are masks in large sizes and different designs of nose and eyes. The prices for these masks are ranging from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 1 million depending on designs, sizes and type of woods. The best wood is the one called iron wood. This wood is known to be more durable and can stand against water. Aside of masks, there are also wooden statues in relatively similar prices of the masks.

Clothing and Small Accessories

The easiest souvenirs to be reached are clothing and small accessories. Raja Ampat has its own type of batik. Unlike Javanese batik that mainly uses natural and earthy colors, batik of Raja Ampat is more colorful. The clothes will be great to be brought home as souvenirs. Aside of clothes, there are also plaited hats and bags to be chosen. These hats and bags are available in various colors and sizes as well. These hats and bags are made by the people of Arborek village, a tourism village of Raja Ampat.

Other small accessories are also worthy to be considered. Earrings, necklaces, various key chains and others are truly nice to be chosen and taken home. Each one of them are designed specifically and detailed. One of the interesting pieces is the seashell key chain. As expected, it is made of seashell but the one that has been polished and painted. It becomes more colorful and interesting. There are a lot more interesting souvenirs to be taken home. Don’t hesitant to check out the available souvenirs at the shops. Who knows if there are interesting ones?

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Enjoy the Exotic View of Sauwandrek Village

Raja Ampat actually offers infinite place to explore. The origin nature that way from the busy activities come along with its tranquil beach will steal every person to come. Numerous beautiful beaches that located alongside Raja Ampat archipelago offer different attraction. Besides Waisai, there are still abundance place in Raja Ampat that you need to explore. One of the beautiful places that recommended visiting is Sauwandrek village. This village is situated in the West Papua, Raja Ampat Regency, precisely in the Meos Mansar District. The exotic Sauwandrek Village provide a wide variety of attraction including its amazing nature and underwater sight.

There are many activities that you can do while you are visiting beach in Sauwandrek Village. Snorkelling is one of the facilities that you can enjoy in the beach. While, if you want to explore the underwater sight more you can visit several dive sites spread in Sauwandrek. Situated in Dampir strain, Sauwandrek has various kinds of living maritime species. Even you can see the rare species that only can be found in Raja Ampat.

After playing in the beaches, you can enjoy sightseeing along the village. The unique village and friendly residents will welcome you when you are entering the village. You will be shown the origin house of Sauwandrek residents. People in Sauwandrek Village like to make souvenirs from pandan leaves. Those leaves are braided to create hats, bags, and other unique stuffs. Those souvenirs are sold in affordable prices for tourists who visit their village. Hence, if you are visiting this exotic village do not forget to buy one. Another unique activity that only can be found in this village is the attraction when the residents feeding the fish in the sea. Abundance numbers of fish will immediately gather when you spread their food.  If you want to join in this interesting activity you only need to pay around 50.000 rupiah for the fish food.

The next natural view that you can enjoy in Sauwandrek Village is Yenauwyau Lake. This place is recommended to visit for those who like tracking. What make this lake is really unique is the water since it tastes salty like a sea. People believe that there is a cave that connects this lake with the sea because of its unique taste. To reach Sauwandrek Village, you need to spend around 2 to 4 hours from the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai. You can ride ship or speed boat for faster reaching.

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Explore the Stunning Nature of Waiwo Beach

Raja Ampat is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. The beauty of the nature in Raja Ampat always steals many tourists’ hearts to visit. Raja Ampat, the place that located in very east of Indonesia, is rich with its exotic beaches. Moreover, the tranquil and virgin nature of Raja Ampat can be a good view in order to refresh you from the busy activities.
One of the exotic beaches with stunning natural view in that you can find in Raja Ampat is Waiwo Beach. This beach is situated in the city calles Waisai. This city is actually a capital of the Raja Ampat. Your holiday in Raja Ampat is never completed before you visit the Waiwo Beach. This beach is very easy to access. For travellers or tourists that are having holiday in a budget, you can reach this beach with motorcycle. Ojek-ride is another alternative if you do not bring your own motorcycle. You only need to spend around 30 minutes to travel from Waisai to Waiwo Beaches. This beach can be a starting point of your holiday in Raja Ampat.
When you start stepping in this beach, the sparkling blue sea will welcome you. The coral islands that confront the seaside become astonishing scenery that perhaps you ever see in your life. The underwater sceneries of this beach are even more unbelievable. Various kinds of coral reefs spread under the sea with numerous colourful fish will pamper your vision. You may also find other rare species that only can be found in Raja Ampat.
Besides the underwater view, Waiwo Beach is also very well known with its white sand. The harmonious combination between pure white sand and blue seashore as well as the blue sky will spoil you whilst enjoying your time at the beach. The green trees and lush surround the beach produce clean air that freshen your breath.
Waiwo Beach is a great place for diving and snorkelling. If you never do this previously, you do not need to worry since you still can dive and snorkel safely with the help from professional supervisor. With only paying around US $ 42.3-52.8 for diving and about US $ 5.29 for snorkelling, you can explore the great beauty of Waiwo Beach underwater. For staying in this beautiful place, many cottages along the beach line will offer comfortable and calm night stay nearby to the serene nature.

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Holiday and Travel in Raja Ampat through Sorong City

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua near Raja Ampat regency. Raja Ampat is very popular as holiday destination not only for Indonesia peoples but also for foreign tourists. Tourists who come to Raja Ampat interested in its beautiful sea and it is a great place for those who like diving and they want to get amazing scenery inside the ocean. The water is clean and pure complete with many kind of fish and coral. To go to Raja Ampat many tourist go to Sorong City first since this city is known as the gate to Raja Ampat Marine Park.

The name of Sorong city is from Soreri language and it is mean turbulent sea and deep. Sorong city also located in West Papua, it is in the beak of birds’ head and it is near Raja Ampat. That is why when people want to go to Raja Ampat Marine Park they usually go to Sorong city first since it is the departure point for tourist or the port to Raja Ampat. Almost all planes which their destination is West Papua landed in Sorong City and sometimes they like to enjoy not only Raja Ampat but also the beautifulness of Sorong tourist area.

One of popular tourist area in Sorong City is Taman Wisata Alam or TWA. You just need to spend about twenty minutes from Sorong central city to Taman Wisata Alam. This place used as bird and plants research. When you enter this area you will see big and tall trees which surround the area and moreover you can track waterfall inside TWA. Other popular place in Sorong City as tourism object is Tanjung Kasuari beach. You can see the trees surround this beach which produce fresh air for the tourist who come visit this place and it is really different from Sorong City which usually hot.

After you enjoy Sorong Area you can continue to go to Raja Ampat. You can ride live boards to go to this place and usually they use small boat to bring the visitors to the beautiful diving spots in Raja Ampat. Some visitor like to use private boat to go to Raja Ampat or take ferry from Sorong to the capital city of Raja Ampat which known as Waisai city. After that, they can enjoy the diving spot and stay in some home stay areas. For those who want to visit diving spot they need to get some permission from the local police station.

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The Exotic View of Kofiau Island

Indonesia is known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. There are so many interesting places that you could visit in Indonesia. One of the most notable vacation destinations in Indonesia is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is not only popular among local tourists, but also very popular among travelers who came from other countries as well. This area becomes more and more popular these days since it offers exotic natural beauties and amazing underwater sceneries. In fact, Raja Ampat is considered as one of the best diving spots in the world these days. Raja Ampat is an archipelago that consists of several islands. One of the most popular islands in Raja Ampat is Kofiau Island that has quite interesting history. This island is considered as one of the islands in Indonesia that have ocean tribe civilization. The tribe who live on this island is known as Betew Tribe.

If you want to visit this island, first you need to reserve plane ticket from any major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta or Surabaya to Sorong. The plane ticket price may vary depend on which airlines that you choose. Once you’ve arrived at Sorong Airport, you need to continue your trip to Sorong Port. From Sorong Port you could use boat that will take you to Waisai. You could go straight to Kofiau Island from Waisai by using regular boat or speedboat. Regular boat has lower price while the speedboat fee might be a little bit expensive. However, speedboat could take you faster than regular boat. You could find people who live on the island which is known as Betew Tribe. This island also provides various choices of resorts and lodges where you could stay during your visit.

The main attraction of Kofiau Island is definitely its natural sceneries. This island is so beautiful with very natural view. Most parts of the island are covered with natural forest where you could find various types of plants and animals that live free in the wild. Besides the beauty of the island, you also could enjoy the beauty of the beaches as well. Like any other islands in Raja Ampat, this island has very beautiful beaches along with white sand and clear water. Swimming and snorkeling are two of the most popular activities that you could do on the water of this island. You also could watch the beauty of underwater scenery of this island by diving. You might find and see several types of exotic fish while you’re diving. The water of this island is a perfect spot for underwater photography as well.

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Great Natural Scenery at Batanta Island

If you want to escape for a while from your daily routines, take a vacation might be the best solution for you. There are so many place that you could visit if you want to refresh your mind. You could spend your time at exotic beaches or visit rural areas with your family. One of the best places that you could choose as vacation destination these days is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an archipelago that is located on the west side of Papua. This area is known as one of the most beautiful diving spots, not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. There are several islands that are quite popular in this area. One of them is Batanta Island, one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat. Just like the other islands in Raja Ampat, this island is known for its natural beauty, exotic beaches, and amazing underwater scenery.

This island is located at Samate district, Raja Ampat. To reach this island, first you need to take a plane from any major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta or Surabaya to Sorong Airport. From Sorong Airport, you could choose several available transportation devices to go to Sorong Port from public transportation to rental car. Once you’ve arrived at Sorong Port, you could use boat to go to Waisai. Once you’ve arrived at Waisai, you could go to Batanta Island using various choices of boat. If you have limited budget, you could choose regular boat. However, if you have extra cash, you could use speedboat that will take you faster to the island. These days you even could find travel package that allow you to plan your trip to this island in more efficient and comfortable way. The package is usually including plane ticket from any major cities in Indonesia, transportation to the island, and accommodation during your visit on the island.

There are two major villages in Batanta Island where you could find various choices of resorts and lodges, Waiweser Village and Marandanweser Village. Just like any other islands in raja Ampat, this island has exciting natural attraction. Most areas are still covered with natural forest. You could find Cendrawasih birds on the forest that live free in the wild. Other attraction that you could find on this island is the relics of planes that are used in World War II. The beaches are amazing with white sand and crystal clear water. For those of you who like to see underwater scenery, this island is a perfect spot for you, just like the other islands in Raja Ampat.

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Beautiful Beach on Salawati Island

As an archipelago country, Indonesia is considered as one of the best travel destinations in the world. Indonesia offers exotic natural sceneries and amazing cultures that become very popular among local and international tourists. There are so many interesting places that you could visit in Indonesia. One of the best travel destinations in Indonesia is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an archipelago which is located on west coast of Papua Island. This area is known for its beautiful beaches and amazing underwater sceneries. As one of the most popular diving spots in the whole world, Raja Ampat offers exciting experiences during your visit to this area. One of the most notable islands in Raja Ampat is Salawati Island which is known for its rainbow fish. This island is the only island in Raja Ampat where you could see and find rainbow fish directly when you dive on the water.

Just like any other islands in Raja Ampat, this island has very beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear and the underwater view is magnificent. You also could find various types of exotic fish on the water of this island. However, the most interesting fish in the water of Salawati Island is definitely the rainbow fish. This fish is known for various colors that appear on its body, hence the name. Rainbow fish is not only considered as one of the most exotic fish in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. Most people who came to this island want to dive into the water to see this fish. Besides diving, you also could enjoy various choices of water sports on this island from snorkeling to swimming. You also could spend your time by relaxing and sunbathing on the beach as well. Just like the water, the land of this island also offers great natural attraction as well. You could explore this island to see various exotic plants and animals that you might not find in any other places.

To reach Salawati Island, you could use plane from Jakarta or other major cities in Indonesia to Sorong Airport. Once you’ve arrived at Sorong, you could continue your trip by using various choices of transportation. The trip from Sorong to this island might take about 2 hours using speedboat. Along the coast, you might pass several small islands until you arrive at your destination. Once you’ve arrived at the island, you could stay at various choices of resorts that are available on this island. Other attractions that you could find on this island are including several World War II bunkers and waterfalls.

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Plan Your Trip to Misool Island

Indonesia is known for various vacation destinations that are not only popular among local tourists, but also very popular among tourists from other countries as well. Besides the famous Bali Island, other vacation destination in Indonesia that becomes very popular these days is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an archipelago which is located on the west side of Papua Island. This area is known for its great underwater scenery. Raja Ampat is even considered as one of the best diving spots in all around the globe. There are four main islands that are popular in Raja Ampat. One of them is Misool Island which is not only known for its natural beauties, but also for its ancient cultural sites. If you want to visit Raja Ampat, especially this island, you could reserve plane ticket to Papua. You need to fly to Sorong Airport in West Papua. Once you get there, you could continue your trip to the island using private speedboat. It takes four to five hours trip from Sorong to this island.

Once you reach Misool Island, you could stay in resorts that are provided for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of this island comfortably. Most resorts are designed in natural style using high quality woods. The design of the resorts is quite similar to the design of traditional house that could be found in most areas in Indonesia. Even though the design of the resorts came in natural style, the facilities that are provided are very sophisticated. Some resorts even provide luxurious cottages that are built on stilt over the water. Each cottage has its own hammock which is integrated to veranda. The cottage also has stairs which lead down to lagoon as well. The facilities that are provided on each cottage may vary from a small library, comfortable lounge, even to veranda.  You could find exotic foods and cuisines in restaurant which is located overlooking the lagoon.

There are various interesting activities that you could do when you visit Misool Island during your vacation. The main attraction of this island is definitely its underwater sceneries. You could find various exotic fish if you dive on the water of this island from ghost pipefish, barracuda, frogfish, mandarin fish, even to dolphins and giant mantas. Besides diving, other exciting activities that you could do on this island are various choices of water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. You also could enjoy relaxing on the beach while sunbathing as well. You also could explore the mangrove forest and see various exotic mammals and birds that live on this island or visit the cave where you could see various ancient petroglyphs.

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Top Hotels in Raja Ampat

In this article, we would provide you the important information relating to the hotel in Raja Ampat. Known as the best natural islands universally, this place should be the very best spot for vacation. Located in the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat can provide the beautiful scenery of turquoise water. Beneath this beautiful sea, finding the school of fish, diversity of coral reef, and some unique species of fish are common for travelers. So, in a case to stay and enjoy the Raja Ampat environment and nuance, it is best for you to consider where you can stay for a night, a week, or even a month.

Feel Like a King?

Well, we really suggest for those who want to be a king of Raja Ampat island as well as looking for the most popular and recommended hotel in Raja Ampat. It is not really difficult to find a hotel in this favorite spot of vacation. A lot of manager has built their hotel In order to provide a warm bed through the night. But then, you have to seek the best from the best. The Dive Resort Raja4Divers should be the best castle you will ever have. Imagine that you are living in a silent delta near the coast where the warm blue sea under your bed. Yes, you will live in the stage house above the water surface. Therefore, you only have to jump for the best dive in Raja Ampat. Feeling like a king, yeah? So, make sure that you spend your holiday in this recommended hotel.

Become a Beach Boy?

This second suggestion should be best for you too. Located in the shore, this hotel looks like the cottage in seaside. Just imagine that you will live in the cottage where a group of coconut tree surrounds your cottage. Direct scenery of beach should be the best for you too. If you are lucky, you can have the precise cottage which face the west side that give you chance to enjoy the sunset. A wooden lounge chairs and a small table located in front of house can be used to enjoy the environment as well. You do not have to be afraid due to the electricity. Even if it is built in the seashore, you can have the enough electricity as well. So, make sure that you find the best hotel in Raja Ampat by choosing these two suggested hotels above or perhaps finding other recommended hotels as well.

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Cultural Side of Raja Ampat Through Festivals

Art and culture are two things that cannot be separated. These two things are very natural and can be found in every society. When a group of people sharing one environment together for long, they will have their own local wisdom and also forms of art. They are forming their own culture. Raja Ampat also shares its own forms of art and culture. Although that Raja Ampat is a part of Papua, the culture is quite different from Papua. The art and culture of Raja Ampat is the combination of Papua’s culture and the Islamic culture of North Maluku.

Tribes and Culture

There are several tribes in Raja Ampat. Each tribe has their own forms of culture even if it will be quite similar to the others. Finally, all of these tribes contribute the valuable art and culture of Raja Ampat as a whole. There are dances such as Mapia, Wor, Mambefor and a lot others that represent some parts of culture in Raja Ampat. There are other interesting pieces of art and culture that will be interesting to be checked. What can be done to allow visitors seeing them directly? It is a good question and the government realized that they need a proper way to let more people to see the colorful cultural things about Raja Ampat. This is a good way to attract more visitors.

The Amazing Cultural Festivals

A lot of ways can be used to attract visitors and the cultural festivals will be good. There are several festivals that will be held in Raja Ampat from time to time. Amongst all of them, Raja Ampat annual festival is considered being the more popular one. This festival is planned to be held every October in every year. The festival is held to be the showcase of art and culture as well as creativity with various contests including the underwater photography contest. Trekking to the mountainous areas as well as the art performances are also done in the festivals.
Another popular festival is Raja Ampat Maritime Festival. This one is held in the middle of August in every year. The festival will be filled with performances of the traditional dances and also introducing the traditional foods of Raja Ampat to visitors. The foods can be tried for free. The people of Raja Ampat will also be ready to show their traditional boats that have been used for generations.

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Tasting and Challenging Foods in Raja Ampat

Traveling somewhere far away from home will always bring curiosities towards various things. Art, culture and a lot other things will be very nice to be known. Culinary becomes one of the most interesting things to be explored. Raja Ampat is just like the other regions around the world. This region is also offering the very unique culinary for the people who come and visit. Raja Ampat has three main foods including rice, sago and sweet potato. These three main foods will be served alongside seafood, vegetable dishes, poultry, red meat and others to make up a complete menu of the day.

Popular Foods of Raja Ampat

In culinary of Raja Ampat, coconuts are often being used in various dishes. The example is the cassava leaves being boiled in coconut milk. Coconuts can also be processed into traditional beverages such as Saguer which is a local type of liquor purely made of coconuts. One whole pig can be found being roasted in various traditional events and quite popular dish to be found. Aside of that, there are other popular foods of Raja Ampat including Barapen Ayam, Mumu and also Papeda. Each food has their own characteristics and become popular for particular reasons.

Mumu is known as traditional dish. Its name is taken from the name of “kitchen” used by locals. Mumu is the combination of pork, sweet potatoes, vegetable dishes and rice. Meanwhile, Barepan Ayam ala Walesi is known to be very popular. Walesi is known as the name of a tribe in Wamena. They replace the usage of pork with chicken because the majority of people in Wamena are Muslims. Another popular dish is Papeda. This one is very popular because of the easiness in cooking it. The ingredients are just two, sago and hot water. Papeda is often served with sour fish or others depending on personal taste.

Challenging the Extraordinary Foods

Extreme foods or the extraordinary foods are challenging. Raja Ampat has several foods those are considered being extreme. These foods are unusual but some people might try if they want to. Amongst the extraordinary foods, there are the fried sea worms and sago maggot skewer. These are common foods for the natives. The sea worms will be fried until they become crispy. Sago maggots are often found on the old sago trees. The natives often eat them without cooking them but as the time goes, the maggots are cooked to be more appealing.

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The Variety of Languages in Raja Ampat

The beautiful lost paradise, Raja Ampat is teasing a lot more people to come and visit. The islands are beautiful and the sea offers a real extraordinary experience. There are various undersea creatures waiting for divers to greet them and swim with them. Many people visit Raja Ampat because they want to witness the beautiful underwater life. It won’t hurt to know and learn more about Raja Ampat and the people there. The people of Raja Ampat may seem to be scary but they are lovely people. They are kind and love to live in peace. They communicate to each other very well despite the fact that they have multiple languages used every day.

Local Languages of Raja Ampat

There are approximately 9 local languages that often being used every day. Some languages even has several dialects that can be identified. The nine local languages are as the followings:
@ Ma’ya
@ Ambel
@ Batanta
@ Moi
@ Tepin
@ Misool
@ Matbat
@ Biak
@ Biga
Each local language is being used specifically in particular areas. For example, Ma’ya language is being used mainly by Wawiyai tribe in Kabui cove as well as in villages like Araway, Beo and Lopintol. It is also used by Kawe tribe in the villages of Bianci, Salio, Selpele and Waisilip. Each language is unique in its own way. As mentioned above, some languages have dialects that add more colors top the art of communication. Tepin, Moi and Biak are examples of Raja Ampat’s local languages that have dialects.
Each language is being used by the different groups of people live in particular areas in Raja Ampat. The fact that Raja Ampat has so many languages is really interesting. The fact that the locals are able to live peacefully despite of differences is even more interesting.

Betting On Indonesian and Other Languages

The local languages are not the only ones used. There are also other languages that can be found spoken by some people. However, these languages are known to be minority with exception for national language, Bahasa Indonesia. In various parts of Raja Ampat, some languages from other parts of Indonesia such as Java, Bugis, Buton, Seram, Ternate and Tobelo can be heard spoken by some people. Considering how Raja Ampat is getting more popular as tourism destination for international tourists, English might be heard as well even if it is the broken English.

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The Beauty of Waigeo Island

Taking a vacation might be the best ways to escape for a while from your daily routines and refresh your mind. There are various places that you could choose as your vacation destination from exotic beaches to beautiful cities all around the world. One of the best vacation destinations that you could choose these days is Raja Ampat archipelago which is located on the west coast of Papua. Raja Ampat is considered as one of the best dive and vacation destinations, not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. This archipelago consists of several beautiful islands. One of them is Waigeo Island which is known for its beautiful beach. Like any other islands in Raja Ampat, this island offers beautiful natural sceneries along with exotic beaches and natural lush jungle. If you want to visit this island, you could order a travel package to Raja Ampat from various travel agents which could be found easily these days.

Before you start your trip to Waigeo Island, you might need to prepare several items as your travel supply. You need to bring clothes, medicines, personal supplies, papers, camera, and enough cash. You also need to reserve your plane ticket to Papua as well. One of the most important things that you need to prepare if you want to visit this island is where you’re going to stay during your vacation. As one of the main attractions in Raja Ampat, this island provides excellent resort features that will make your vacation become more comfortable. You could stay at bungalow that is designed in natural style using high quality hard woods. The guest room came in quite large size and the design of the room is airy as well. The facilities that you could use in this bungalow are including comfortable bed with luxurious bedding, air conditioner, plumbing system, chairs and tables that are placed on beach deck, and pier.

To stay at this bungalow, the cost that you need to pay is from $55 per person. The most interesting part of Waigeo Island is definitely its beautiful beach with exotic white sand. Other attraction that you could find in this island is the jungle. The resorts are located around the ancient forest which is full of butterflies, birds, and other exotic species. The view is great and the atmosphere is very natural. If you want to enjoy fantastic sunset dining, you could visit ocean-side restaurant which is located on the beach deck. Special menus that you could find on this restaurant are including traditional regional cuisines and various choices of foods that are made of fresh fish.

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Enjoy Holiday Season in Raja Ampat and Waisai City

Indonesia has many tourism places and one of them is Raja Ampat in West Papua. Raja Ampat well knew for Indonesia and foreign tourist as diving place because it has beautiful sea or ocean. People who visit this place like to spend time enjoy the beach at Raja Ampat and do some diving sport. Raja Ampat located in the bird’s head of West Papua and it has four big islands such as Misool Island, Batanta Island, Waigeo Island, and Salawati Island. Each island in Raja Ampat has their unique tourism destination place and tourist can enjoy amazing scenery from each island.

Usually people who want to go Raja Ampat will visit Sorong City first since it popular as departure point or the gate to Raja Ampat. Tourist who comes from anywhere can take some plane and landed to Sorong City first and then they can rent or ride tourist boat or private boat to go to Raja Ampat. People who want to go to diving spot will rent some private boat and the diving organizer will bring them to diving areas. Tourist also can take some ferry to enjoy the Raja Ampat sceneries. For those who want to do some diving need to ride small rubber boat and some drivers will take you to underwater. You can do all these sports in Raja Ampat such as Kayaking, Snorkeling, Visit Red Bird of Paradise, Fishing, and many more.

Morning at Waisai City
One of popular Raja Ampat diving destination is Waisai. Waisai City is the capital city of Raja Ampat. Waisai is in Waigeo Island. To go Waisai City tourist can ride ferry from Sorong City. This ferry leave every day and after you arrive to Waisai City you will be picked by a boat to bring the visitors to diving spot. Anyway, before the visitor can enjoy their diving sport, they need to get permission from local police and usually they will ask your passport plus three copy of your passport and Indonesia Visa. But do not need to be worry since your diving organizer will take care of this matter.

Visitors also can enjoy a home stay in Waisai City and they can enjoy beautiful beach in Waisai namely Waisai Tercinta Beach or WTC. WTC has beautiful scenery which can be enjoyed in anytime. So you also can enjoy the beach scenery at night and you will get fresh air with the trees surround you. Other visit places which you can enjoy are Waisai Port, and Masjid Agung Waisai. Not only for tourism place, but Waisai City also become a research place for visitor.

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WTC Beach, Perfect Place for Enjoying White Sandy Beach

Raja Ampat is a place that has been well known in domestic or foreign to serve many beautiful tourism spots both in. One of the places in Raja Ampat that is interesting to visit is its capital city, Waisai. Even though Waisai is considered as a little town, this place offers with sufficient accommodations that you will need during your holiday in Raja Ampat. Low budget transportations and affordable place to eat can be found easily. Moreover, the friendly residents also will make your stay even more enjoyable. Hence, Waisai is a great destination for travellers who want to enjoy different holiday.
Waisai Torang Cinta Beach is one of the beautiful beaches that located in this place. People often call it as WTC beach. This beach is much recommended for travellers and tourists since this place offer different atmosphere from other beaches in Raja Ampat. When you first visit this beach, perhaps you first impression is it is quite look like Ancol Beach. This beach also supported with little park that can be used for relaxing or enjoying the surrounding view. Numerous little benches that placed in the park allow you to enjoy the fresh air from the WTC beach. The amazing quality of the beach will you feel when you stepping on the seaside. The clean white sand and crystal look of the sea will make you never turn your sight from this beach. The coral reefs that reflect the light from the sun will amaze you to explore its underwater view. You do not need to spend much money for holiday; this beach is a good place for travellers who always look for affordable holiday.

WTC beach can be said as the centre point for Waisai residents because many events often held in WTC beach. One of the big events that attract attentions of tourists is Sail Raja Ampat. If you are lucky, you can see this event during your holiday in Waisai. One of the main reasons why Sail Raja Ampat is held is to attract more tourists to come since the numbers of tourist come to Raja Ampat keep increasing by year. In this international maritime event, you can see various kinds of maritime parade and sailing pass in Raja Ampat Ocean. Moreover, this event commonly also shows traditional dances and traditional clothes in the opening ceremony.  This is actually great place to enjoy the beautiful nature and unique tradition of Raja Ampat.

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The Best Villages to Visit in Raja Ampat

Indonesia is known with its thousand vacation destination. The hottest one today would be Raja Ampat. We can say that this is the real paradise for diving. You can find many spots and each of them has the most beautiful undersea scenery on earth. Now, if you want to really experience the greatness of this hidden paradise, you can stay and visit the villages in Raja Ampat and do the activity that you can only do at each of those villages. Here are the villages that you must visit in Raja Ampat.

Village in Raja Ampat
Sawinggrai Village

This is the best place where you can see one of the rarest birds in Papua, the Red Bird of Paradise. Just equip your camera and take a picture of this beautiful bird. More than that, this village is also the home of one of the Raja Ampat and Papua traditional art that you can buy as souvenir. For this village, you can find many beautiful sculpting artworks. If you want to see the bird, you must visit this village in the morning, around 7 to 8 am. This is the time when these birds came out from their nest and looking for some food.

Sauwundarek Village

This is the best place for you who are looking for nice place to relax. For beach lover, this is your real paradise. This place has one of beautiful beach in Indonesia. We can say that this place is more beautiful than Kuta Beach in Bali. The pure white sand with peaceful environment is really best place where you can relieve all stress inside your mind. There are also many sea ducks that you can see here.

Arborek Village

This is the main destination for vacation in Raja Ampat. The most interesting thing about this village is you can easily find beautiful diving spot here. Just dive around the pier or any place near the sea, and you will find really beautiful scenery on that spot. You also can enjoy them with snorkeling. There are so many spots like this in this village. A day won’t be enough to enjoy each spot that offers unique characteristic of undersea scenery. The string bag craft also become great thing you can buy as souvenir. In this village, you don’t need vehicle to move around. Just walk around and enjoy the beautiful nature in this village. All people here are also very kind, so, you can easily blend in and get the best vacation experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

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Raja Ampat Hidden Paradises: Recommended Bays for Tourists

Raja Ampat is a big archipelago that located in Papua, Indonesia. Known as one of the best earth paradises, this place is very isolated from the outside world, due to its location that is quite far from Papua mainland. Besides well known as a tourist spot, this place is also popular because Raja Ampat is a home for many sea plants and animals, including those rare species. No wonder, the number of tourist in Raja Ampat is always increasing year by year. Raja Ampat is also well known for their beautiful bays, like Kabui Bay and Mayalibit Bay.

Guide for Kabui Bay

The road to Kabui Bay in Raja Ampat location is not that easy. First, your boat has to go through a small way via sea, which is quite dangerous. However, right after the end of that small way, there is wonderful surprise for you, which is beautiful scenery from the bay. We believe that you will mesmerized by that wonderful scenery in Kabui Bay. In here you can see many wonderful things, such as the beautiful cave. In here, the color combination from blue and green are looks very great. The water is also very clear, shows that the environment in this place is really great. This place is really great for taking pictures, which is why many tourists love this bay.

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Guide for Mayalibit Bay

This bay is located on Waigeo Island, one of the big islands in Raja Ampat. This bay is very big and you can see many karst structures there. There are also green plants that grow everywhere, show that the environment in this place is really great, including the mangrove forest. Don’t worry about the homestays, because in here there are a lot of homestays, including those expensive homestays.

Things that You Have to Remember in Raja Ampat

These two bays are really amazing, and which is why we want to recommend them to you. Remember, you have to prepare many things before come to these bays, such as medicine, proper swimming/diving tools, black sunglasses, and a hat to protect you from the sunlight. You also have to remember that you have to follow all regulations there and not littering everywhere or you might be harming the nature in Raja Ampat.
If you are really that interested to go those beautiful bays, just pack your bag and start your adventure! Many Indonesian airlines that serve the route from Jakarta to Raja Ampat location, and don’t forget to book you accommodation in advance, because most of homestays in Raja Ampat are always full booked, including in the non-peak season. 

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Looking for Raja Ampat’s Homestay

If you have determined Raja Ampat as your spot for vacation, now your next task is to search for the homestay in Raja Ampat as well. Located in the Coral Triangle, a group of Raja Ampat islands is rich of sea natural biodiversity. Therefore, it is very favorable by all of travelers over the world as well. With only go to the Raja Ampat which located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, you may find a lot of home stay, hotels, and dive resorts as well. Even, you will confuse to choose which home stay that is best because of their good services. So, we will recommend and suggest two of homestays in Raja Ampat which can give you best accommodation and services as well.

Mambefor Homestay

If you are seeking for the homestay in Raja Ampat, Mambefor Homestay should be the precise place for your vacation. Built above the sea surface with traditional architecture, this home stay can offer the fresh and natural scenery. Turquoise water which let you see the sea floor blurry will be very beautiful as well. Even, you do not need any facilities to dive for sure. Only a jump to water will make you feel the warmness of its water. Also, you can enjoy the large area of staor ge house. The lounge room furniture could be the place where you enjoy the time with family or even with your couple. Beneath the surface, some coral reefs are there. Or, if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of jungle, you can just go along behind the stage house. A Red Birds Paradise is gorgeous as well.

Welcome to Mambefor Homestay Raja Ampat
Mambefor Homestay
Photo source:

Lumba-lumba Homestay

This second option of homestay should be best for you. Lumba-lumba in Indonesian means dolphin. But then, it is not really easy to find dolphin in this area. Do not imagine that you will stay in the very modern place as well. You will stay in the traditional bungalow built in the seashore. This stage house contains of a single bedroom and the large verandah where you can enjoy the sea scenery as well. Remember that behind your stage house is the land where you can enjoy some beach forestry view either. Not really far from the home stay, you can access the Lumba-lumba Dive Centre which can provide some dive facilities. So, make sure you choose the best homestay in Raja Ampat. You can also search for the other recommended home stay.

View of Lumba-lumba homestay Raja Ampat
Lumba-lumba Homestay
Photo source:

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Dive Yourself in Raja Ampat!

Well, it is not really difficult for the travelers to find the precise dive resort in Raja Ampat. With only go to the Raja Ampat which located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, you may find a lot of home stay, hotels, and dive resorts as well. Even, you will confuse to choose which dive resort that is best because of their good services. But then, within this article, we will suggest some recommended dive resorts that will serve you as well as giving the best diving time beneath the Raja Ampat’s sea surface. The best dive resort is not only giving the best sensation of diving, but also comes with the others resort facilities such as restaurant, dive boat, and others dive facilities.

Papua Paradise Eco Resort

When you are searching for the best dive resort in Raja Ampat, you can visit the Papua Paradise Eco Resort as well. Located in the uninhabited island so called Birie, this resort may give you the natural sensation of diving. Imagine that you can enjoy bird view along the coast. You can have the very beautiful and comfort bungalow which built traditionally. A wooden bungalow built with local architectures should be the best place to relieve your stress. Make sure that you can enjoy the turquoise water scenery from the verandas of bungalow as well. After a long rest in bungalow, you can dive in the pristine water with manta rays, sharks, and some unique fish. Do not forget to enjoy its beautiful sea floor landscape as well. 

Papua Paradise Eco Resort Front, Raja Ampat

Papua Paradise Eco Resort Room, Raja Ampat
Photo source

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Well, the other dive resort that is precise for spending your holiday time is called as the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. This alternative dive resort is also known of its service and facilities. With the professional dive crew and high quality of dive facilities, this resort can make sure that you are safe during your diving time. You also can enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery from this resort. The difference from the Papua Paradise Eco Resort is this resort offers the rest area with a unique design of stage house. Some green plants decorated the area should be very natural and fresh for your vacation. With the traditional architecture, the stage house can offer the most comfort nuance for your rest time. The gloomy condition is very best for honeymoon either. So, be sure to have your vacation in the best dive resort in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Front

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Room

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