The Fascinating Yet Fun Place To Visit Called Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat diving is really popular among people all over the world, especially among them who have a hobby in diving. That is because Raja Ampat is the largest underwater expedition with the rich marine life and coral reefs there. It is considered to be the major center for the marine biodiversity since there are about 550 corals or you will find about 70% of world’s corals, 700 species of mollusks, and more than 1,400 species of fishes in the waters there. Of course, that is so amazing and people who are always in love with diving and enjoying the marine life often lists Raja Ampat Islands to be their dream destination for diving. For sure, it is not surprising that Raja Ampat becomes really popular more and more since there are so many people who are looking for the chance to go to this beautiful place. Sure, the lure of Raja Ampat is not only on its diving activities which enable you to be able enjoying the beauty of the marine life or the underwater view but also about the beauty of the islands. There are so many places to be enjoyed there and you can have a great time in Raja Ampat because of its clear sea water, clean sands, a lot of lush trees, and of course the serene ambience. That becomes a good idea for the destination to go if you have felt bored to the bustle of the city. You can get relaxed and enjoying the refreshing breeze and also the fun activities in Raja Ampat, Papua. In addition, that also can be suitable for your destination to have the beautiful yet romantic honeymoon.

What to Know about Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat takes place in Papua, Indonesia. Sure, if you often hear about Bali as the popular place in Indonesia, you need to know about Raja Ampat which is also located in Indonesia. Raja Ampat consists of a lot of islands. There are about 610 islands there but only 35 of them are inhabited. That is actually the large area which is dominated by the waters. Almost 90% of the area is water. That is about 40,000 km² which is the water, while the land is only about 6,000 km². That is why you can enjoy a lot of beach and sea activities which are fun there, including the Raja Ampat diving. Reaching this place is not really difficult. What you need to do is reaching Sorong and then goes to Raja Ampat. If you are going to visit Bali, you can visit Bali first and then you can join in the Raja Ampat Diving tour there. That will be really fun and simple.

The Beauty of Raja Ampat’s Underwater Life

As we have said before, Raja Ampat is completely beautiful. You can see the clear water, clean beach which is still natural, and also the kind people there. However, still the underwater life becomes the favorite ones. As we have said before, it is the heart of the coral in the world since almost 70% of world’s corals are there. Then, there are also more than 1,400 species of fishes there, such like whale, dolphins, and even sea cows. There are also the unique sharks called webbegong and walking sharks. In Raja Ampat, there are also various species of sea horse, sea turtle, rays, shellfishes, reef fishes, and so on. Then, we can imagine the beautiful coral reefs, corals, fishes, and other beautiful marine creatures when we are enjoying the fun Raja Ampat diving.

The Attractions in Raja Ampat

Besides enjoying the Raja Ampat diving, you actually can enjoy other ideas of the great yet fun activities, such like swimming, taking a walk in the beautiful villages there while enjoying the natives’ traditions and culture. You also can visit the villagers there and enjoy joining in their activities to have a great experience. Besides of that, a must-enjoy attraction is Raja Ampat is watching the Cendrawasih bird dance performance. Sure, almost all of you have known that Cendrawasih or bird of paradise is the typical fauna there. You can visit Gam Island to interact with this unique yet beautiful bird. Enjoying the performance of the bird dance is such a must for you. To enjoy it, you can be there in the morning at about seven until nine, or in the afternoon at four until five. So, you will have a good chance for enjoying the bird dance performance. Actually, Raja Ampat has a bunch of ideas for the fun things to enjoy there. You also can enjoy the fun culinary there. Sure, you have to enjoy their typical foods, which are mostly are sea foods. For sure, it will be the unforgettable moment there. In addition, what about the shopping experience there? Even though it is a remote area, you can still enjoy shopping souvenirs there. One of the ideas to go is Arborek Island, where you can unique stuffs and crafts made from forest pandan leafs, such like bags, hats, cell phone pouch, and many more. They are handmade by the people there. Besides of that, you also can buy Asmat Statue, traditional cloths, traditional musical instruments, and many more to be brought home as a gift and souvenirs.

Tips on Having a Fun Time in Raja Ampat

There are some great tips and ideas for you if you are planning to have a fun vacation in Raja Ampat. If you are going to enjoy diving, snorkeling, and even swimming, it is better to visit Raja Ampat during October until November. That is the best time to visit Raja Ampat because in that time, the sea is really calm and suitable to enjoy the beach and sea activities and of course it is also suitable for taking the great shots. When you are going to have a fun holiday in Raja Ampat, never forget to bring your sunscreen lotion, hat, and comfy outfits because there will be a bunch of fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy. To get the great documentation photos or videos, never forget to bring your underwater camera so that you can take the beautiful photos while doing your underwater activities as like diving. That is a must-bring stuff especially if you are going to enjoy the fun Raja Ampat diving.

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Enjoying the Beauty of Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat islands become one of the dream destinations for a great holiday for so many people all over the world. Of course, if you like enjoying the beautiful nature which is still pure and totally natural, Raja Ampat can be your right destination to go. That is especially if you are interested in having such a good time in a tropical place as like Indonesia. That is located in Papua, Indonesia. Since the year of 2003, Raja Ampat is actually the fraction of Sorong district. The area of Raja Ampat is quite large. It is about 46,000 km². However, the land is only about six thousand kilometers square, while the rest is ocean. There are more than six hundred islands there. Thirty five islands of them are inhabited while the rest are not. The most interesting part about this place is about its nature. There are so many fascinating natural spots which are unspoiled. Besides its adorable nature of the islands, the sea and beach are also really wonderful since once again they are still natural and beautiful. The underwater life becomes another great thing which you might be really wanted because they are still green and not damaged. Raja Ampat becomes the largest underwater expedition and has a lot of types of coral reefs and beautiful sea creatures. That becomes the reasons why a lot of people are interested in visiting this place. In addition, Raja Ampat is also said to be one of the best diving sites in the world. Perhaps, it is rated the first for its complete and various undersea flora and fauna. You can imagine how beautiful the Raja Ampat islands are. Besides of that, Raja Ampat is not only a heaven for the diving and snorkeling lovers but also it becomes the favorite destination for couples to have a romantic honeymoon. That is because it is still serene, peaceful, yet romantic in the midst of natural beauty of Raja Ampat.

How to Reach Raja Ampat

If you are going to visit Raja Ampat islands, of course, you need to know much about the place and how to reach it because it can be your consideration to choose that place to visit or not. Reaching Raja Ampat is actually not really difficult but also not that easy since that is not a big city and can be said to be located in the remote area. So, you need to have a greater effort to reach it. If you are going to visit the place by air, you can reach Sorong which is the nearest one. However, the airline which is reached the airport in Sorong is really limited. There are some alternatives that you can try. One of them is by reaching Bali first and you can join in the diving tour from Bali and then go to Raja Ampat from Bali so that you can enjoy Bali and also Raja Ampat at the same time. If you have reached Sorong, you can still find anything you need in that place even though that will be a bit pricey. Then, from Sorong, you can go toward Wasai, which is the capital of Raja Ampat. Wasai is located in Waigeo Island, which is one of the main islands in Raja Ampat besides Batanta, Salawati, and Misool Island. Besides the transportation, you also need to prepare about where to stay there. Even though it is a remote area, you will find a lot of choices of places to stay while in Raja Ampat. There are so many choices of hotels, resorts, and also guest houses with the various facilities. Most of them are located in the main islands of Raja Ampat. (read also Holiday and Travel in Raja Ampat Through Sorong City)

The Fun Activities in Raja Ampat

Visiting Raja Ampat is such a fun thing for you. You can have a bunch of great thing to do there. For sure, besides enjoying the beautiful beaches with the fascinating view there, you have to try snorkeling and diving. Those are the must try fun activities there. You can see the beautiful underwater view and life there since it becomes one of the best spots for its underwater beauty. Besides of that, you can still enjoy the culture and tradition of the natives there since they have the unique culture and tradition. Then, another recommended fun activity in Raja Ampat is enjoying the wave of Raja Ampat by having a fun surfing. That is such a good idea for you who have a hobby in surfing to enjoy the waves in Raja Ampat islands.

The Favorite Islands in Raja Ampat

As we have said before, Raja Ampat has some islands which are really great to visit. However, since there are so many islands there, you often get confused on choosing where to visit first. However, you can simply visit the favorite islands there. Here are some favorite islands in Raja Ampat which you can visit. The first is Wayag Island which is so unique and becomes the must visit island. There is a coral island on which that is also overgrown with the adorable lush trees. The clear water there enables you seeing the marine life directly. The next favorite island is Waiwo Island which is also really beautiful with its clear sea water. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving there. You also can get relaxed enjoying the beautiful view because the island is full of lush trees which give you the comfort having a seat there. Then, if you like challenge, you have to visit Karang Island and you need to try climbing the coral. You will need to pass the steep route which is even until ninety degree of the tilt. That is really challenging but you will feel satisfied if you can reach the peak because you will see all the green islands there which are interspersed with the clear beautiful blue water. The next favorite island is Gam Island. In that island, you can see and enjoy the unique Papua fauna, which is Cendrawasih bird or it is also called as birds of paradise. There are four types of Cendrawasih birds there. They are red cendrawasih, big cendrawasih, small cendrawasih, and also split rattan cendrawasih. The performance of dancing cendrawasih can also be enjoyed in this island. To enjoy the performance, you need to be there in the morning during seven until nine a.m. and in the afternoon from four until five p.m. the next favorite island is Arborek Island which is a good place to visit for shopping and hunting a lot of Papua typical souvenirs. They can be as the typical souvenirs from Raja Ampat islands.

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