Visiting the Unique Mayalibit Bay in Raja Ampat

Surely, almost all travel lovers have heard about Raja Ampat which is located in West Papua, Indonesia. That place is really popular especially among the people who have a hobby in snorkeling and diving. Among the diving and snorkeling lovers, visiting Raja Ampat is such a must. Sure, that is because Raja Ampat is one of the places in the world with a lot of types of coral reefs and the marine species which are totally wonderful so that snorkeling and diving in the water of Raja Ampat is a must. One of the places in Raja Ampat which have to be visited is Mayalibit Bay that takes place in Waigeo archipelago. Mayalibit Bay is like a great bay which is splitting Waigeo Island into two parts. That looks like really great and adorable. Of course, as like another spots in Raja Ampat, Mayalibit Bay also offers the fascinating beauty. We also can find the kind native people there with their unique tradition and culture. We can imagine how beautiful and natural the area is. That is like what we can simply enjoy there.

Mayalibit Bay is said to be the unique place which is really different from others. That is because Mayalibit Bay is an enclosed bay with its coral rock or karst walls framed the bay. It looks so unique and of course fascinating which we might not find in other bays. Of course, you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater life. The marine life or marine species and also the colorful coral reefs there become really great to enjoy. The adorable mangrove also makes the ecosystem there so that we will find the beautiful and adorable area in Mayalibit Bay by snorkeling and diving. Sure, both of those activities are the must do ones when we are in Raja Ampat, including when we are in Mayalibit Bay. Besides snorkeling and diving, fishing will also be fun to be done when we are in Mayalibit Bay.

We can find a lot of marine species which are totally fascinating and hard to find when we are in Mayalibit Bay. That is including the Wobbegong Shark. You also can visit the diving spot of Cape Kimindores. Then, you can go on to Mioskon to enjoy schooling fish. That will be such the unforgettable moment in life if you are enjoying your journey in Mayalibit Bay. Of course, you also can interact with the native people there and know their uniqueness with the awesome tradition and culture which is still closely held. 

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