Holiday and Travel in Raja Ampat through Sorong City

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua near Raja Ampat regency. Raja Ampat is very popular as holiday destination not only for Indonesia peoples but also for foreign tourists. Tourists who come to Raja Ampat interested in its beautiful sea and it is a great place for those who like diving and they want to get amazing scenery inside the ocean. The water is clean and pure complete with many kind of fish and coral. To go to Raja Ampat many tourist go to Sorong City first since this city is known as the gate to Raja Ampat Marine Park.

The name of Sorong city is from Soreri language and it is mean turbulent sea and deep. Sorong city also located in West Papua, it is in the beak of birds’ head and it is near Raja Ampat. That is why when people want to go to Raja Ampat Marine Park they usually go to Sorong city first since it is the departure point for tourist or the port to Raja Ampat. Almost all planes which their destination is West Papua landed in Sorong City and sometimes they like to enjoy not only Raja Ampat but also the beautifulness of Sorong tourist area.

One of popular tourist area in Sorong City is Taman Wisata Alam or TWA. You just need to spend about twenty minutes from Sorong central city to Taman Wisata Alam. This place used as bird and plants research. When you enter this area you will see big and tall trees which surround the area and moreover you can track waterfall inside TWA. Other popular place in Sorong City as tourism object is Tanjung Kasuari beach. You can see the trees surround this beach which produce fresh air for the tourist who come visit this place and it is really different from Sorong City which usually hot.

After you enjoy Sorong Area you can continue to go to Raja Ampat. You can ride live boards to go to this place and usually they use small boat to bring the visitors to the beautiful diving spots in Raja Ampat. Some visitor like to use private boat to go to Raja Ampat or take ferry from Sorong to the capital city of Raja Ampat which known as Waisai city. After that, they can enjoy the diving spot and stay in some home stay areas. For those who want to visit diving spot they need to get some permission from the local police station.

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