Amazing Paradise Of Raja Ampat In West Papua, Indonesia

Indonesia has a thousand places which has natural beauty of flora and fauna. This island country has been famous for its exotic tourism island which is many people knows as Bali. The fame of Bali is really exceeded the other tourism objects in Indonesia though there are still other tourism object that is more beautiful than Bali. You may be able to imagine how beautiful Bali is but think again if there is a place that is more beautiful than Bali, it would be wonderful right? I will tell you one of the paradises in West Indonesia which is called Raja Ampat. It is a series of little island that is scattered in a clear sea water with a lot of beautiful coral reefs. You may stay in one of the little island with white beach sand. You may feel the sensation of staying in an island that is yours. It would have a lot of fun right? If you still wondering how beautiful the Raja Ampat, you may search on the website search engine. Your jaw may be opened in a while if you see the beauty of these islands. If you want to come to this place you may prepare the trip to Raja Ampat of Papua in West Indonesia. This way your journey will be more effective.
Preparation of The Trip

Well there are two ways in making a trip to the Raja Ampat first you can go there by tourism agent or by yourself or we often say “backpacking”. If you decide to choose tourism agent the half of your burden in preparing the trip may be reduced but if you want to keep the sensation in making a journey you may choose the backpacking. Get to know all about the information in Raja Ampat whether the hotels or the transportation. You should be careful because in choosing transportation could be a tricky one. You should have knowledge in taking the service of the transportation to the Raja Ampat. So this article will provide you with the mean of transportation to there.
Transportation To Raja Ampat

From Jakarta you can choose an airline to Sorong, Papua. You may use Batavia Air, Wings Air, or Express Air. You may make transit in Makassar for two hours then your trip is continued. After you arrived in Domine Eduard Airport of Sorong you can take the public transportation outside the Airport to the Sorong harbor. From there you may pick one of the ships that bound to Raja Ampat. The total transportation fare may be around five hundreds dollar. May you enjoy the trip.
Sorong to Raja Ampat, West Papua
Sorong, West Papua

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