Having Beautiful Scenery in Raja Ampat

If you want to have relaxation during your busy activities, how if you enjoy scenery in Raja Ampat? Located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, this group of islands will surely surprise you with its gorgeous natural scenery and resources as well. Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo are the four big islands within the group of Raja Ampat islands. Also, it is one small island called Kofiau which located further in west side. There are a lot of things you can do in Raja Ampat such as diving, snorkeling, or even only stay in a seaside bungalow. Also, you can have such beautiful seaside scenery wherever you stay. So, make sure you spend your very limited holiday in the so-called heaven coral islands.

Having Beautiful Scenery in Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Islands
Look for Seafloor Scenery?

Enjoy scenery in Raja Ampat should be the best activity you have to do. Because of its warmness, you may find a lot of fish species under the Raja Ampat. According to the data, Raja Ampat has become the habitat for approximately 1,508 fish and 699 mollusk species. Moreover, as the richest island contains of coral reef, Raja Ampat can provide the substances for 537 coral species as well. If you are willing to dive around the sea, you may also find some school of fish or wobbegongs as the unique shark fish. Through the diving sensation, you can enjoy the wide view of sea floor. But, the thing is you have to make sure your safety by renting the dive facilities. You can access it from the local people who run this kind of business. Therefore, your diving experience will be very exciting as well as safe.

Create Your Own Sea Kingdom

Well, we really suggest for those who want to enjoy scenery in Raja Ampat to stay in the most popular and recommended hotel in Raja Ampat. It is not really difficult to find a hotel in this favorite spot of vacation. A lot of manager has built their hotel I order to provide a warm bed through the night. But then, you have to seek the best from the best. The Dive Resort Raja4Divers should be the best castle you will ever have. Imagine that you are living in a silent delta near the coast where the warm blue sea under your bed. Yes, you will live in the stage house above the water surface. Therefore, you only have to jump for the best dive in Raja Ampat. Feeling like a king, yeah? So, make sure that you stay in this hotel for beautiful blue scenery.

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