The Secret of Hidden Dive Spots in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is well known for its sea beauty and also wonderful scenery in the islands. Besides that, this place is also a home for many wonderful earth species, including the rare plants and also fishes. Located quite far from the Papua Mainland, Indonesia, this place is having many secrets, from its beautiful bays, great beaches, and also interesting dive spots. In this article, we want to recommend to you two beautiful dive spot that you should visit in here, they are Manta Dive Spot and Kri Peninsula.

Raja Ampat Beauty and Wonderful Under Water
Raja Ampat Beauty Under Water
Manta Dive Spot

Manta Dive Spot is quite popular for divers, because once you dive there; there is a possibility for you to see a manta fish there, one of rare fishes in the earth. To reach this location, you have to book your flight to Sorong from Jakarta, and go directly to the harbor area. From here, you go to Waisai, located in Waigeo Island (one of the big islands in Raja Ampat). We recommend you to book your accommodation in Waisai, because the Manta Dive Spot is located one hour trip from here, near Mansuar Island. You can see the manta fishes when you are diving for 5 meters or more. You can also see many clown fishes there. While you are diving, you have to keep your body from white-black sea snake, because this animal is poisonous for human body.

Kri Peninsula

Kri Peninsula is also popular because of its underwater scenery’s beauty, and this is why many divers also going to this place. There are many coral reefs and also beautiful fishes that you can see. The water in here is also very clear, and this is why Kri Peninsula is not only popular as a dive spot, but also as snorkeling spot. The beauty of this location is also acknowledged by many marine biologists from all over the world. If you are interested with this dive spot, you can reach this location from Sorong for 5 hours. It’s better for you to book your accommodation in Sorong, but if you want to book it at other islands, it’s also okay.
The art of diving is not only how smooth your movement in the underwater are while you are diving, but also about how you can keep the beauty of the dive spot. This is why, we want to remind you to follow all regulations in Raja Ampat, and not littering anywhere in these beautiful spots. Enjoy your holiday!

Photo by Lakshmi Sawitri (CC-BY)

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  1. What I really love about diving is that, diving destinations are places, homes, for many wonderful earth species, including the rare plants and also fishes. I want to encounter those organisms and take time to enjoy the sea with them. I came up with these realization after my first diving experience at Tawali diving destination.