Beautiful Place and Species to Visit in Raja Ampat for Photographers

Raja Ampat is considered as a complete place to visit for photographers. It is not only offering great diving adventure but also about its wild life. In short, you are not only enjoying the underwater area but also the island. How about if you don’t want to dive? Don’t worry with that because Raja Ampat offers great wild life to enjoy and explore.

The Species You Can Find in Raja Ampat

It is a common for people who come to Raja Ampat to explore both, the underwater area and the island. This is concerning to the fact that the island gives several natural attractions. In specific, you will find at least 171 bird species. Moreover, you can also enjoy the beauty of 27 mammal species. Those mammals are including opossum, cuscus, striped opossum, bat, and tree rat. If you go to the South Misool, you can see the beauty of 159 bird species. It will be your lucky day if you can find Cendrawasih which is also known as birds of paradise and 5 bat species. Definitely, you will enjoy the paradise in Raja Ampat only from its wild life. For example, you can find wild white cockatoo bird, forest kingfisher, Julang Irian, king parrots, and Maleo. It is really a great place for you to take a picture to get the best natural shoot.

The Place to Find the Species 

Visiting the exact location in Raja Ampat is the best way to get the best shoots. At least, there are 4 different beautiful places you need to visit to find beautiful birds. Those are Sawinggrai, Yenbeser, Gam Island, and Yenwaupnor. Just wait the perfect moment in which birds playing around the white sandy beach or playing around the trees. It is better for you to spend a few days or weeks to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat along with its wild life. If you have enough time to stay in Raja Ampat, you can visit 4 different areas. Those areas are West Waigeo, West Watanta, North Salawati, and South Misool. You don’t need to worry with the place to stay. This island has several places to stay such as inn, cottage, bungalow, and resort. For those who want to stay in more private and together with the surrounding, you can just choose to take homestay. For your reference, you can just choose to stay around Dampier Strait because there are several buildings for tourists. When the place to stay is ready, you can start to explore Raja Ampat to get the best shoots. 

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