Enjoy Holiday in the Wonderful Island, Raja Ampat

Most people know about Raja Ampat. It is one of famous islands in Indonesia and now it is well-known as best holiday destination not only for domestic tourists but for foreign tourists. Most people come to Raja Ampat because they want to see the wonderful view in this place. Raja Ampat is located in West Papua Province. Raja Ampat Islands consist of some other islands such as Batanta, Waigeo, Salawati, Misool and also Kofiau. When you are interested in visiting Raja Ampat, it is important for all of you to check and understand the history of Raja Ampat first.

Not all people know why this island is called as Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat means 4 kings. Raja Ampat’s name is derived from the local mythology about woman that finds 7 eggs. The seven eggs finally hatch and become kings. 4 kings become island in Raja Ampat and three other eggs become a woman, stone and also ghost.  Most people who live in Raja Ampat is Ambonese than Papua people although Raja Ampat’s area is in West of Papua. Most people in this area are Muslim and the other people are Christian.

There are some best activities that you can do when you come to Raja Ampat. You need to do snorkeling and diving because Raja Ampat is known as best diving and snorkeling place in the world. When you like to come to Raja Ampat, you need to read some tips below.

Wonderful Island Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
First you need to come in the best time. You should not come in December to January to this place because you will not be able to enjoy your water activities. It is good to come to this place n October or November. You will be able to enjoy your snorkeling and diving activities without experience bad weather. Second, for all of you who have plan to come to this place, you should bring your underwater camera and you will be able to use your skill in capturing all best views under water in this place. Third, you must bring some equipment such as sunblock, sunscreen, and also hat when you don’t want to burn in this place. Before you leave this island, you should not forget to buy all best things from this place. You can buy souvenir from this place such as sculpture from Asmat tribe, traditional fabric from this area and some other things. You should not choose other place because this place will become the best place to enjoy holiday and do your underwater hobby.

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