Dive Yourself in Raja Ampat!

Well, it is not really difficult for the travelers to find the precise dive resort in Raja Ampat. With only go to the Raja Ampat which located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, you may find a lot of home stay, hotels, and dive resorts as well. Even, you will confuse to choose which dive resort that is best because of their good services. But then, within this article, we will suggest some recommended dive resorts that will serve you as well as giving the best diving time beneath the Raja Ampat’s sea surface. The best dive resort is not only giving the best sensation of diving, but also comes with the others resort facilities such as restaurant, dive boat, and others dive facilities.

Papua Paradise Eco Resort

When you are searching for the best dive resort in Raja Ampat, you can visit the Papua Paradise Eco Resort as well. Located in the uninhabited island so called Birie, this resort may give you the natural sensation of diving. Imagine that you can enjoy bird view along the coast. You can have the very beautiful and comfort bungalow which built traditionally. A wooden bungalow built with local architectures should be the best place to relieve your stress. Make sure that you can enjoy the turquoise water scenery from the verandas of bungalow as well. After a long rest in bungalow, you can dive in the pristine water with manta rays, sharks, and some unique fish. Do not forget to enjoy its beautiful sea floor landscape as well. 

Papua Paradise Eco Resort Front, Raja Ampat

Papua Paradise Eco Resort Room, Raja Ampat
Photo sourcehttp://www.papuaparadise.com/en/the-resort/accommodation

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Well, the other dive resort that is precise for spending your holiday time is called as the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. This alternative dive resort is also known of its service and facilities. With the professional dive crew and high quality of dive facilities, this resort can make sure that you are safe during your diving time. You also can enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery from this resort. The difference from the Papua Paradise Eco Resort is this resort offers the rest area with a unique design of stage house. Some green plants decorated the area should be very natural and fresh for your vacation. With the traditional architecture, the stage house can offer the most comfort nuance for your rest time. The gloomy condition is very best for honeymoon either. So, be sure to have your vacation in the best dive resort in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Front

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge Room

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