Looking for Heaven in Raja Ampat

When we are talking about Raja Ampat geography, I surely suggested you to think out what heaven looks like. Perhaps, in the bible story, we know that God created the Eden Park for Adam and Eve as beautiful as our imagination. The difference between land and water can be seen through its element. Therefore, you can find such imagination become reality by visiting Raja Ampat. Located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, this group of islands will surely surprise you with its gorgeous natural scenery and resources as well. Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo are the four big islands within the group of Raja Ampat islands. Also, it is one small island called Kofiau which located further in west side. So, make sure yourself to enjoy this national marine park during your vacation.
Raja Ampat Panoramic View
Raja Ampat Islands

How is the Geography?

As usually, Raja Ampat geography is well-known internationally. Imagine that you are diving in beneath the sea with a lot of biodiversity. You may find the unique and beautiful coral reef along the sea floor. Known as the most popular spot for diving in international view, this island can show you what they have inside its sea. Located in the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is rich of marine life. It is also recorded as the richest island contains of marine biodiversity. The island contains of coral reef biodiversity and even be the best. The occasion of this island for coral reef is very good. Untouchable and undisturbed by human is the place where coral reef can live longer. Also, the high temperature of water makes sure that the coral reef can live and grow.

A Living for Natural Beings

Because of its warmness, you may find a lot of fish species under the Raja Ampat. According to the data, Raja Ampat has become the habitat for approximately 1,508 fish and 699 mollusk species. Moreover, as the richest island contains of coral reef, Raja Ampat can provide the substances for 537 coral species as well. If you are willing to dive around the sea, you may also find some school of fish or wobbegongs as the unique shark fish. Therefore, if you are interested to come into Raja Ampat, the film which titled as Edies Paradise 3 can be the teaser for yourself. This documentary film has recorded many beautiful and magnificent spots in Raja Ampat as well as its natural under water. The Raja Ampat geography is also valued and considered as the “new amazon”.

Photo by Jonathan Chase (CC-BY)

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