4 Beautiful Paradise in Raja Ampat

Bali maybe is the most popular vacation destination in Indonesia. But, don’t forget that Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. So, there are many other places that offer similar vacation spot quality like Bali. Raja Ampat is one of them. In fact, Raja Ampat has become one of the most popular vacation destinations today. Raja Ampat consist many islands, but, there are 4 main islands that you can visit.
Beauty of Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Island
Waiego Island

This place is your main destination, because this island is the center of this place. It’s easy to reach from other city in Indonesia and Papua, and from this island, you also can visit the other 3 island easily. There is large area of forest you can find here and most of them are unexplored. But, you can try to visit it with a help from guide. At there, you can see the rare sight of one of the rarest bird, the Red Bird of Paradise. This island also has many best diving spot. And, if you are lucky, you can see the white tip reef sharks and black tip reed sharks swimming around in that spot (see The Beauty of Waigeo Island).

Misool Island

This island has breath-taking beautiful nature scenery. You will feel like you are in real paradise. The clear turquoise water, the beautiful green forest scenery and people who are always welcoming, are some of greatness of this island. More than that, this island also has Petroglyphs, which is ancient drawing and sculpting that you can find on cave wall. Of course, this is island also has best diving spot. What you can find in those diving spot is one of most beautiful coral reef scenery (see Plan Your Trip to Misool Island).

Salawati Island

This island is located in remote area. But, this is where you can get great vacation experience. You will get the most peaceful place you can visit. The nature scenery is also beautiful here, plus like other place in Raja Ampat, you also can enjoy many beautiful diving spot here. However, this place has no restaurant or such; therefore, you need to bring food from Sorong or nearby island, before you stay in this place. Then, you can feel the real adventure here (see Beautiful Beach on Salawati Island).

Batanta Island

We can say that Batanta Island is virgin island of Raja Ampat. There are many areas in this place that hasn’t been explored. Therefore, if you like hiking and get more adventure in forest, this place is the best island you can visit. This island isn’t too big, so, you can easily explore each area in this place (see Great Natural Scenery at Batanta Island).

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