What You Can Enjoy while Diving in Raja Ampat

If you have a plan to start your increase your diving experience, you can just take several challenging places in Indonesia. For your reference, you can take Raja Ampat as one of challenging place for diving. It is a must for you to take this place for diving because of its several sites to visit. If it is your first time to visit Raja Ampat, you can just read this information.

Diving experience at Raja Ampat
Under Water at Raja Ampat
Exotic Underwater Garden in Raja Ampat

The first destination when you are diving around Raja Ampat is known as Melissa’s Garden. So, what do you find in this underwater garden? The best part of this garden is when you are seeing wobbegong shark or known as Eucrossorhinus dasypogon. In fact, it can be your luckiest day if you can meet this type of shark when you are diving in Raja Ampat. This is because the population of the shark has been very limited due to the over fishing. If you want to see the same underwater creatures, you can continue your diving activity by visiting the second site known as Manta Sandy. Besides seeing similar creatures, you can also see the beautiful scenery because of the clean water condition. It is up to you to miss this second site or take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty but it is better for you to stay for awhile there and feel the sensation.

Beautiful Underwater Rocks in Raja Ampat

The next underwater garden you should visit while diving around Raja Ampat is Black Rock. The unique thing about this garden is because you will see colorful soft coral garden. The beauty of this area looks complete with the appearance of various types of fishes you can see clearly. Don’t stop your exploration before visiting Boo Rock. It looks scary, isn’t it? Actually, it is not as scary as its name. When you are diving around this rock you will see specific type of fish known as pinnate fish and also yellow stripes grunts fish. Colorful fishes become the main attraction of this area and it seems you want to spend a few more hours to swim along with the fishes. If you still have time, you can also continue your diving activity by exploring Caves. In this area, you can also enjoy specific type of fish namely anemone fish. It is a tiny fish about 1.9 centimeters long. Just enjoy this exploration and you can share the excitement with your friends or the other divers.

Photo by Hulivili Pro-Mitglied (CC-BY)

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