Enjoying the Beauty of Raja Ampat by Boat

Beautiful Raja Ampat Sunset View from Boat
Raja Ampat Sunset View from Dive Boat
There are several activities you can do when spending your time in Raja Ampat. If you are a diver, don’t miss the opportunity to do live board. This is also the interesting activity to do while diving. This is concerning to the fact that you can enjoy beautiful and outstanding places along with fresh air. Here is the explanation for you who have a plan to visit Raja Ampat.

2 Sailing Routes You Can Take 

For your information, to support sailing activity, Raja Ampat has 38 active tourist boats operating in water. The boats are made of wood. Because of this, you can get experience to sail around Raja Ampat just like the ancient sailors. Just imagine the wind blow in your face while enjoying the outstanding scenery. You can take two types of sailing packages. First, you can choose the first package which started from Sorong City. Then, you will sail to the northern area of Waigeo to Wayag. This sailing package continued to the south of Misool area. The last is from Misool area to the starting point, Sorong City. You are not only spending the time on the board. You also have an opportunity to transit in beautiful places. Just take this time to get the best natural shoot with your camera. Later, you can share it with your friends. If you still have time, you can take the second package with different sailing route. The second route is the best route for divers. This is concerning to the fact that you will be sailed across diving areas which you can explore.    

How the Journey to Raja Ampat Begin

Most of the activities are started from Sorong City. You can start your journey from Jakarta, Manado or Makassar. You can reach this island by plane. If it is impossible for you to use aircraft of plane, you can use ferry. You can start the water journey by ferry from Manado, Ternate, Ambon, or Makassar. For those who think that taking boat is the best option, it is important to check the schedules of the boat. The journey is finished yet because you have to continue the journey to the West Papua starting from Sorong port to Waisai. You have to take this journey for about 1.5 hours up to 2 hours. In short, Raja Ampat is a perfect holiday destination to visit especially if you are diver, photographer, explorer, and even if you only just want to enjoy natural scenery. Just try it and share your experience as soon as possible.  

Photo by Ken Traub (CC-BY)

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