Looking for Raja Ampat’s Homestay

If you have determined Raja Ampat as your spot for vacation, now your next task is to search for the homestay in Raja Ampat as well. Located in the Coral Triangle, a group of Raja Ampat islands is rich of sea natural biodiversity. Therefore, it is very favorable by all of travelers over the world as well. With only go to the Raja Ampat which located in West Papua Province in Indonesia, you may find a lot of home stay, hotels, and dive resorts as well. Even, you will confuse to choose which home stay that is best because of their good services. So, we will recommend and suggest two of homestays in Raja Ampat which can give you best accommodation and services as well.

Mambefor Homestay

If you are seeking for the homestay in Raja Ampat, Mambefor Homestay should be the precise place for your vacation. Built above the sea surface with traditional architecture, this home stay can offer the fresh and natural scenery. Turquoise water which let you see the sea floor blurry will be very beautiful as well. Even, you do not need any facilities to dive for sure. Only a jump to water will make you feel the warmness of its water. Also, you can enjoy the large area of staor ge house. The lounge room furniture could be the place where you enjoy the time with family or even with your couple. Beneath the surface, some coral reefs are there. Or, if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of jungle, you can just go along behind the stage house. A Red Birds Paradise is gorgeous as well.

Welcome to Mambefor Homestay Raja Ampat
Mambefor Homestay
Photo source: http://mambefor.wordpress.com/

Lumba-lumba Homestay

This second option of homestay should be best for you. Lumba-lumba in Indonesian means dolphin. But then, it is not really easy to find dolphin in this area. Do not imagine that you will stay in the very modern place as well. You will stay in the traditional bungalow built in the seashore. This stage house contains of a single bedroom and the large verandah where you can enjoy the sea scenery as well. Remember that behind your stage house is the land where you can enjoy some beach forestry view either. Not really far from the home stay, you can access the Lumba-lumba Dive Centre which can provide some dive facilities. So, make sure you choose the best homestay in Raja Ampat. You can also search for the other recommended home stay.

View of Lumba-lumba homestay Raja Ampat
Lumba-lumba Homestay
Photo source: http://www.stayrajaampat.com/accommodation/lumba-lumba-guesthouse/#jp-carousel-1442

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