Great Natural Scenery at Batanta Island

If you want to escape for a while from your daily routines, take a vacation might be the best solution for you. There are so many place that you could visit if you want to refresh your mind. You could spend your time at exotic beaches or visit rural areas with your family. One of the best places that you could choose as vacation destination these days is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an archipelago that is located on the west side of Papua. This area is known as one of the most beautiful diving spots, not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. There are several islands that are quite popular in this area. One of them is Batanta Island, one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat. Just like the other islands in Raja Ampat, this island is known for its natural beauty, exotic beaches, and amazing underwater scenery.

This island is located at Samate district, Raja Ampat. To reach this island, first you need to take a plane from any major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta or Surabaya to Sorong Airport. From Sorong Airport, you could choose several available transportation devices to go to Sorong Port from public transportation to rental car. Once you’ve arrived at Sorong Port, you could use boat to go to Waisai. Once you’ve arrived at Waisai, you could go to Batanta Island using various choices of boat. If you have limited budget, you could choose regular boat. However, if you have extra cash, you could use speedboat that will take you faster to the island. These days you even could find travel package that allow you to plan your trip to this island in more efficient and comfortable way. The package is usually including plane ticket from any major cities in Indonesia, transportation to the island, and accommodation during your visit on the island.

There are two major villages in Batanta Island where you could find various choices of resorts and lodges, Waiweser Village and Marandanweser Village. Just like any other islands in raja Ampat, this island has exciting natural attraction. Most areas are still covered with natural forest. You could find Cendrawasih birds on the forest that live free in the wild. Other attraction that you could find on this island is the relics of planes that are used in World War II. The beaches are amazing with white sand and crystal clear water. For those of you who like to see underwater scenery, this island is a perfect spot for you, just like the other islands in Raja Ampat.

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