The Beauty of Waigeo Island

Taking a vacation might be the best ways to escape for a while from your daily routines and refresh your mind. There are various places that you could choose as your vacation destination from exotic beaches to beautiful cities all around the world. One of the best vacation destinations that you could choose these days is Raja Ampat archipelago which is located on the west coast of Papua. Raja Ampat is considered as one of the best dive and vacation destinations, not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. This archipelago consists of several beautiful islands. One of them is Waigeo Island which is known for its beautiful beach. Like any other islands in Raja Ampat, this island offers beautiful natural sceneries along with exotic beaches and natural lush jungle. If you want to visit this island, you could order a travel package to Raja Ampat from various travel agents which could be found easily these days.

Before you start your trip to Waigeo Island, you might need to prepare several items as your travel supply. You need to bring clothes, medicines, personal supplies, papers, camera, and enough cash. You also need to reserve your plane ticket to Papua as well. One of the most important things that you need to prepare if you want to visit this island is where you’re going to stay during your vacation. As one of the main attractions in Raja Ampat, this island provides excellent resort features that will make your vacation become more comfortable. You could stay at bungalow that is designed in natural style using high quality hard woods. The guest room came in quite large size and the design of the room is airy as well. The facilities that you could use in this bungalow are including comfortable bed with luxurious bedding, air conditioner, plumbing system, chairs and tables that are placed on beach deck, and pier.

To stay at this bungalow, the cost that you need to pay is from $55 per person. The most interesting part of Waigeo Island is definitely its beautiful beach with exotic white sand. Other attraction that you could find in this island is the jungle. The resorts are located around the ancient forest which is full of butterflies, birds, and other exotic species. The view is great and the atmosphere is very natural. If you want to enjoy fantastic sunset dining, you could visit ocean-side restaurant which is located on the beach deck. Special menus that you could find on this restaurant are including traditional regional cuisines and various choices of foods that are made of fresh fish.

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