Plan Your Trip to Misool Island

Indonesia is known for various vacation destinations that are not only popular among local tourists, but also very popular among tourists from other countries as well. Besides the famous Bali Island, other vacation destination in Indonesia that becomes very popular these days is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an archipelago which is located on the west side of Papua Island. This area is known for its great underwater scenery. Raja Ampat is even considered as one of the best diving spots in all around the globe. There are four main islands that are popular in Raja Ampat. One of them is Misool Island which is not only known for its natural beauties, but also for its ancient cultural sites. If you want to visit Raja Ampat, especially this island, you could reserve plane ticket to Papua. You need to fly to Sorong Airport in West Papua. Once you get there, you could continue your trip to the island using private speedboat. It takes four to five hours trip from Sorong to this island.

Once you reach Misool Island, you could stay in resorts that are provided for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of this island comfortably. Most resorts are designed in natural style using high quality woods. The design of the resorts is quite similar to the design of traditional house that could be found in most areas in Indonesia. Even though the design of the resorts came in natural style, the facilities that are provided are very sophisticated. Some resorts even provide luxurious cottages that are built on stilt over the water. Each cottage has its own hammock which is integrated to veranda. The cottage also has stairs which lead down to lagoon as well. The facilities that are provided on each cottage may vary from a small library, comfortable lounge, even to veranda.  You could find exotic foods and cuisines in restaurant which is located overlooking the lagoon.

There are various interesting activities that you could do when you visit Misool Island during your vacation. The main attraction of this island is definitely its underwater sceneries. You could find various exotic fish if you dive on the water of this island from ghost pipefish, barracuda, frogfish, mandarin fish, even to dolphins and giant mantas. Besides diving, other exciting activities that you could do on this island are various choices of water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. You also could enjoy relaxing on the beach while sunbathing as well. You also could explore the mangrove forest and see various exotic mammals and birds that live on this island or visit the cave where you could see various ancient petroglyphs.

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