The Exotic View of Kofiau Island

Indonesia is known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. There are so many interesting places that you could visit in Indonesia. One of the most notable vacation destinations in Indonesia is Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is not only popular among local tourists, but also very popular among travelers who came from other countries as well. This area becomes more and more popular these days since it offers exotic natural beauties and amazing underwater sceneries. In fact, Raja Ampat is considered as one of the best diving spots in the world these days. Raja Ampat is an archipelago that consists of several islands. One of the most popular islands in Raja Ampat is Kofiau Island that has quite interesting history. This island is considered as one of the islands in Indonesia that have ocean tribe civilization. The tribe who live on this island is known as Betew Tribe.

If you want to visit this island, first you need to reserve plane ticket from any major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta or Surabaya to Sorong. The plane ticket price may vary depend on which airlines that you choose. Once you’ve arrived at Sorong Airport, you need to continue your trip to Sorong Port. From Sorong Port you could use boat that will take you to Waisai. You could go straight to Kofiau Island from Waisai by using regular boat or speedboat. Regular boat has lower price while the speedboat fee might be a little bit expensive. However, speedboat could take you faster than regular boat. You could find people who live on the island which is known as Betew Tribe. This island also provides various choices of resorts and lodges where you could stay during your visit.

The main attraction of Kofiau Island is definitely its natural sceneries. This island is so beautiful with very natural view. Most parts of the island are covered with natural forest where you could find various types of plants and animals that live free in the wild. Besides the beauty of the island, you also could enjoy the beauty of the beaches as well. Like any other islands in Raja Ampat, this island has very beautiful beaches along with white sand and clear water. Swimming and snorkeling are two of the most popular activities that you could do on the water of this island. You also could watch the beauty of underwater scenery of this island by diving. You might find and see several types of exotic fish while you’re diving. The water of this island is a perfect spot for underwater photography as well.

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