WTC Beach, Perfect Place for Enjoying White Sandy Beach

Raja Ampat is a place that has been well known in domestic or foreign to serve many beautiful tourism spots both in. One of the places in Raja Ampat that is interesting to visit is its capital city, Waisai. Even though Waisai is considered as a little town, this place offers with sufficient accommodations that you will need during your holiday in Raja Ampat. Low budget transportations and affordable place to eat can be found easily. Moreover, the friendly residents also will make your stay even more enjoyable. Hence, Waisai is a great destination for travellers who want to enjoy different holiday.
Waisai Torang Cinta Beach is one of the beautiful beaches that located in this place. People often call it as WTC beach. This beach is much recommended for travellers and tourists since this place offer different atmosphere from other beaches in Raja Ampat. When you first visit this beach, perhaps you first impression is it is quite look like Ancol Beach. This beach also supported with little park that can be used for relaxing or enjoying the surrounding view. Numerous little benches that placed in the park allow you to enjoy the fresh air from the WTC beach. The amazing quality of the beach will you feel when you stepping on the seaside. The clean white sand and crystal look of the sea will make you never turn your sight from this beach. The coral reefs that reflect the light from the sun will amaze you to explore its underwater view. You do not need to spend much money for holiday; this beach is a good place for travellers who always look for affordable holiday.

WTC beach can be said as the centre point for Waisai residents because many events often held in WTC beach. One of the big events that attract attentions of tourists is Sail Raja Ampat. If you are lucky, you can see this event during your holiday in Waisai. One of the main reasons why Sail Raja Ampat is held is to attract more tourists to come since the numbers of tourist come to Raja Ampat keep increasing by year. In this international maritime event, you can see various kinds of maritime parade and sailing pass in Raja Ampat Ocean. Moreover, this event commonly also shows traditional dances and traditional clothes in the opening ceremony.  This is actually great place to enjoy the beautiful nature and unique tradition of Raja Ampat.

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