Cultural Side of Raja Ampat Through Festivals

Art and culture are two things that cannot be separated. These two things are very natural and can be found in every society. When a group of people sharing one environment together for long, they will have their own local wisdom and also forms of art. They are forming their own culture. Raja Ampat also shares its own forms of art and culture. Although that Raja Ampat is a part of Papua, the culture is quite different from Papua. The art and culture of Raja Ampat is the combination of Papua’s culture and the Islamic culture of North Maluku.

Tribes and Culture

There are several tribes in Raja Ampat. Each tribe has their own forms of culture even if it will be quite similar to the others. Finally, all of these tribes contribute the valuable art and culture of Raja Ampat as a whole. There are dances such as Mapia, Wor, Mambefor and a lot others that represent some parts of culture in Raja Ampat. There are other interesting pieces of art and culture that will be interesting to be checked. What can be done to allow visitors seeing them directly? It is a good question and the government realized that they need a proper way to let more people to see the colorful cultural things about Raja Ampat. This is a good way to attract more visitors.

The Amazing Cultural Festivals

A lot of ways can be used to attract visitors and the cultural festivals will be good. There are several festivals that will be held in Raja Ampat from time to time. Amongst all of them, Raja Ampat annual festival is considered being the more popular one. This festival is planned to be held every October in every year. The festival is held to be the showcase of art and culture as well as creativity with various contests including the underwater photography contest. Trekking to the mountainous areas as well as the art performances are also done in the festivals.
Another popular festival is Raja Ampat Maritime Festival. This one is held in the middle of August in every year. The festival will be filled with performances of the traditional dances and also introducing the traditional foods of Raja Ampat to visitors. The foods can be tried for free. The people of Raja Ampat will also be ready to show their traditional boats that have been used for generations.

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