Explore the Stunning Nature of Waiwo Beach

Raja Ampat is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. The beauty of the nature in Raja Ampat always steals many tourists’ hearts to visit. Raja Ampat, the place that located in very east of Indonesia, is rich with its exotic beaches. Moreover, the tranquil and virgin nature of Raja Ampat can be a good view in order to refresh you from the busy activities.
One of the exotic beaches with stunning natural view in that you can find in Raja Ampat is Waiwo Beach. This beach is situated in the city calles Waisai. This city is actually a capital of the Raja Ampat. Your holiday in Raja Ampat is never completed before you visit the Waiwo Beach. This beach is very easy to access. For travellers or tourists that are having holiday in a budget, you can reach this beach with motorcycle. Ojek-ride is another alternative if you do not bring your own motorcycle. You only need to spend around 30 minutes to travel from Waisai to Waiwo Beaches. This beach can be a starting point of your holiday in Raja Ampat.
When you start stepping in this beach, the sparkling blue sea will welcome you. The coral islands that confront the seaside become astonishing scenery that perhaps you ever see in your life. The underwater sceneries of this beach are even more unbelievable. Various kinds of coral reefs spread under the sea with numerous colourful fish will pamper your vision. You may also find other rare species that only can be found in Raja Ampat.
Besides the underwater view, Waiwo Beach is also very well known with its white sand. The harmonious combination between pure white sand and blue seashore as well as the blue sky will spoil you whilst enjoying your time at the beach. The green trees and lush surround the beach produce clean air that freshen your breath.
Waiwo Beach is a great place for diving and snorkelling. If you never do this previously, you do not need to worry since you still can dive and snorkel safely with the help from professional supervisor. With only paying around US $ 42.3-52.8 for diving and about US $ 5.29 for snorkelling, you can explore the great beauty of Waiwo Beach underwater. For staying in this beautiful place, many cottages along the beach line will offer comfortable and calm night stay nearby to the serene nature.

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