The Beautiful Manta Rays at Manta Sandy, Raja Ampat

Enjoying the beauty of the nature is something refreshing for many of us. We can enjoy the beauty of the beach, mountain, forest, and so on. Sure, we also can enjoy the beauty of the underwater. There are so many marine species which are completely adorable. We can meet them by snorkeling and diving. Sure, it will be the unforgettable moment for you. Visiting Raja Ampat will be great for enjoying the underwater wonder and also the beautiful beaches and nature there. Surely, many of us have heard about Raja Ampat which is located in West Papua, Indonesia. It is located in West Papua, Indonesia. That is a must visit destination for its beautiful beaches and underwater. There are so many places in Raja Ampat which are great to visit, for example Manta Sandy. You can choose this place as your destination to go when you have a long holiday to enjoy the great fun activities in the beautiful nature.

Manta Sandy is located between the Arborek Island and Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat. The white sands with the beautiful view of the beach make us feel refreshed. Then, we also can enjoy the beautiful underwater by diving and snorkeling. As like its name, Manta Sandy, there we can find the Manta Rays there between the corals under the water. The sea current in Manta Sandy is quite strong. We need to prepare it well. Surely, if you like to see the Manta Rays in various types and sizes and want to swim over the sea with them, perhaps, it is the perfect place to visit as the destination to go for you. Many people who adore this marine species would not think twice to visit this place and enjoy the diving moment which is unforgettable to see the Manta Rays swimming over.

Manta Sandy is one of the great spots in Raja Ampat, Papua which has a great attraction for the travelers who like diving and snorkeling. For sure, Raja Ampat has all the beauty of nature, especially for the beaches and underwater view. If you are planning to visit this paradise in the world and want to see and enjoy the beautiful Manta Rays, it is good to spend a bit of your time to visit Manta Sandy. You will have a great time there. Of course, since it is one of their favorite places to dive, it would not be difficult to reach this place.

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