Raja Ampat Hidden Paradises: Recommended Bays for Tourists

Raja Ampat is a big archipelago that located in Papua, Indonesia. Known as one of the best earth paradises, this place is very isolated from the outside world, due to its location that is quite far from Papua mainland. Besides well known as a tourist spot, this place is also popular because Raja Ampat is a home for many sea plants and animals, including those rare species. No wonder, the number of tourist in Raja Ampat is always increasing year by year. Raja Ampat is also well known for their beautiful bays, like Kabui Bay and Mayalibit Bay.

Guide for Kabui Bay

The road to Kabui Bay in Raja Ampat location is not that easy. First, your boat has to go through a small way via sea, which is quite dangerous. However, right after the end of that small way, there is wonderful surprise for you, which is beautiful scenery from the bay. We believe that you will mesmerized by that wonderful scenery in Kabui Bay. In here you can see many wonderful things, such as the beautiful cave. In here, the color combination from blue and green are looks very great. The water is also very clear, shows that the environment in this place is really great. This place is really great for taking pictures, which is why many tourists love this bay.

Photo source: http://www.stayrajaampat.com/

Guide for Mayalibit Bay

This bay is located on Waigeo Island, one of the big islands in Raja Ampat. This bay is very big and you can see many karst structures there. There are also green plants that grow everywhere, show that the environment in this place is really great, including the mangrove forest. Don’t worry about the homestays, because in here there are a lot of homestays, including those expensive homestays.

Things that You Have to Remember in Raja Ampat

These two bays are really amazing, and which is why we want to recommend them to you. Remember, you have to prepare many things before come to these bays, such as medicine, proper swimming/diving tools, black sunglasses, and a hat to protect you from the sunlight. You also have to remember that you have to follow all regulations there and not littering everywhere or you might be harming the nature in Raja Ampat.
If you are really that interested to go those beautiful bays, just pack your bag and start your adventure! Many Indonesian airlines that serve the route from Jakarta to Raja Ampat location, and don’t forget to book you accommodation in advance, because most of homestays in Raja Ampat are always full booked, including in the non-peak season. 

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