The Uniqueness in Handicrafts of Raja Ampat

Coming to Raja Ampat, many people expect to see the beautiful marine life when they dive into the sea. There is no doubt that the underwater life of Raja Ampat will always become the best attraction. However, the beautiful sceneries are not the ones being offered by Raja Ampat. There are also the unique handicrafts that can be taken home as a token of a journey to the “lost paradise”. The handicrafts are available in various sizes and also prices. Most of them have the great ethnical feel in the design that makes them very interesting to be purchased.

Artistic Wooden Handicrafts

Aside of clothing and the small accessories, there are also wooden handicrafts that will be interesting to be checked. This one option might be more expensive but will be worthy because of artistic value of the handicrafts. There are masks in large sizes and different designs of nose and eyes. The prices for these masks are ranging from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 1 million depending on designs, sizes and type of woods. The best wood is the one called iron wood. This wood is known to be more durable and can stand against water. Aside of masks, there are also wooden statues in relatively similar prices of the masks.

Clothing and Small Accessories

The easiest souvenirs to be reached are clothing and small accessories. Raja Ampat has its own type of batik. Unlike Javanese batik that mainly uses natural and earthy colors, batik of Raja Ampat is more colorful. The clothes will be great to be brought home as souvenirs. Aside of clothes, there are also plaited hats and bags to be chosen. These hats and bags are available in various colors and sizes as well. These hats and bags are made by the people of Arborek village, a tourism village of Raja Ampat.

Other small accessories are also worthy to be considered. Earrings, necklaces, various key chains and others are truly nice to be chosen and taken home. Each one of them are designed specifically and detailed. One of the interesting pieces is the seashell key chain. As expected, it is made of seashell but the one that has been polished and painted. It becomes more colorful and interesting. There are a lot more interesting souvenirs to be taken home. Don’t hesitant to check out the available souvenirs at the shops. Who knows if there are interesting ones?

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