Enjoying the Unique Dancing Bird Performance in Sawinggrai Village

Having a long holiday means we have a long time to spend for having fun. What we need to do is choosing the right destination to go for enjoying the great holiday. If you are interested in enjoying the beautiful nature and doing the outdoor activities, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia will be a right choice. We can simply enjoy a lot of fun in Raja Ampat. We can enjoy every second there by visiting a lot of great places there, as like Sawinggrai Village. Sure, that is one of the tour villages in Raja Ampat which are completely popular among the travelers. That can be your destination to go when you are in Raja Ampat. Sawinggrai Village is located in Meos Mansa District. It would not be hard to reach this village since it is one of the popular tour villages in Raja Ampat.

Sawinggrai Village is well known of its performance of the dancing cendrawasih or the dancing bird of paradise. Sure, the bird becomes the icon of this place besides as the icon of Papua. There are four kinds of Cendrawasih which grow there. They are the greater cendrawasih, the red cendrawasih, Wilson’s cendrawasih, and lesser cendrawasih. The red ones are the icon for this village. Some of the birds in this village have some movements which look like doing a unique dancing performance. That is why this village is well known of its dancing bird of paradise or dancing cendrawasih. The performance of the birds is usually held in the morning and afternoon. The visitors usually arrive there thirty minutes before the performance. In the morning, the bird performance is commonly held on 7-9 am, while in the afternoon on 4-5 pm. sure, that is the must watch performance when we are visiting this village. The attraction of this village is commonly about this unique bird performance that could be found nowhere else.

Since Sawinggrai Village is located in Raja Ampat, of course, it also has the unique tradition and beautiful marine species as well. The beautiful beach is also really great to be enjoyed. Besides enjoying the bird performance in Sawinggrai Village, we also can enjoy snorkeling there. We can enjoy the interactions with a lot of marine species there, such like the beautiful fishes which will greet you. The underwater life there is such a beautiful paradise which needs to be visited. If you want to stay there for some nights, you can go to the home stays there. 

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