Top Hotels in Raja Ampat

In this article, we would provide you the important information relating to the hotel in Raja Ampat. Known as the best natural islands universally, this place should be the very best spot for vacation. Located in the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat can provide the beautiful scenery of turquoise water. Beneath this beautiful sea, finding the school of fish, diversity of coral reef, and some unique species of fish are common for travelers. So, in a case to stay and enjoy the Raja Ampat environment and nuance, it is best for you to consider where you can stay for a night, a week, or even a month.

Feel Like a King?

Well, we really suggest for those who want to be a king of Raja Ampat island as well as looking for the most popular and recommended hotel in Raja Ampat. It is not really difficult to find a hotel in this favorite spot of vacation. A lot of manager has built their hotel In order to provide a warm bed through the night. But then, you have to seek the best from the best. The Dive Resort Raja4Divers should be the best castle you will ever have. Imagine that you are living in a silent delta near the coast where the warm blue sea under your bed. Yes, you will live in the stage house above the water surface. Therefore, you only have to jump for the best dive in Raja Ampat. Feeling like a king, yeah? So, make sure that you spend your holiday in this recommended hotel.

Become a Beach Boy?

This second suggestion should be best for you too. Located in the shore, this hotel looks like the cottage in seaside. Just imagine that you will live in the cottage where a group of coconut tree surrounds your cottage. Direct scenery of beach should be the best for you too. If you are lucky, you can have the precise cottage which face the west side that give you chance to enjoy the sunset. A wooden lounge chairs and a small table located in front of house can be used to enjoy the environment as well. You do not have to be afraid due to the electricity. Even if it is built in the seashore, you can have the enough electricity as well. So, make sure that you find the best hotel in Raja Ampat by choosing these two suggested hotels above or perhaps finding other recommended hotels as well.

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