The Beautiful Boo Rock in Raja Ampat with its Beautiful Underwater

Having a long holiday is the wish of anyone who has felt so stuck and bored doing their routines. For sure, when it happens to you, it means it is the time to have fun. Having a long holiday means we can have so much fun spending the holiday at the right place, for example by having a lot of good ideas for the places to visit. There are a lot of great places which can be your vacation destinations such like Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia which is totally beautiful. You can have some spots to visit there, such like Boo Rock. That is one of the adorable places or spots in Raja Ampat which has a bundle of beauty of the nature to enjoy. So, you can enjoy the serene ambience there for a lot of great fun there. It is such a good place to enjoy by you and your friends and family. Of course, Boo Rock can be a good place which is recommended to be listed on your destination list in Raja Ampat. That is especially if you are in love with the underwater view and also beauty. That will be a good place to visit if you are going to Raja Ampat.

As many of us have known, Raja Ampat is a wonderful place with a wonderful beautiful nature, especially for the underwater. That is including for Boo Rock which becomes one of the must visit places in Raja Ampat. You can enjoy the beautiful pure nature there. Enjoying snorkeling and diving there is also that good thing. What you can enjoy it varied there. The adorable underwater offers a bunch of great treasure, such like we can find a lot of beautiful tropical fishes which will greet us by swimming over us. We also can find the adorable soft corals there. Besides of that, the nudi branches and sponges can also be found there in the various shapes and colors. For sure, we can imagine how beautiful the underwater in Boo Rock is.

As we have said above, when we are diving in Boo Rock, we can see the beautiful colorful underwater scenery which we can enjoy. There are so many adorable colorful marine species there. The tropical fishes that we can find in Boo Rock is varied, such like clown fishes, anemones, surgeon fishes, angel fishes, wrasses, and even the butterfly fishes. All of them can be found in Boo Rock and we can enjoy the unforgettable scenery of the underwater which is totally wonderful there.

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