Enjoy the Exotic View of Sauwandrek Village

Raja Ampat actually offers infinite place to explore. The origin nature that way from the busy activities come along with its tranquil beach will steal every person to come. Numerous beautiful beaches that located alongside Raja Ampat archipelago offer different attraction. Besides Waisai, there are still abundance place in Raja Ampat that you need to explore. One of the beautiful places that recommended visiting is Sauwandrek village. This village is situated in the West Papua, Raja Ampat Regency, precisely in the Meos Mansar District. The exotic Sauwandrek Village provide a wide variety of attraction including its amazing nature and underwater sight.

There are many activities that you can do while you are visiting beach in Sauwandrek Village. Snorkelling is one of the facilities that you can enjoy in the beach. While, if you want to explore the underwater sight more you can visit several dive sites spread in Sauwandrek. Situated in Dampir strain, Sauwandrek has various kinds of living maritime species. Even you can see the rare species that only can be found in Raja Ampat.

After playing in the beaches, you can enjoy sightseeing along the village. The unique village and friendly residents will welcome you when you are entering the village. You will be shown the origin house of Sauwandrek residents. People in Sauwandrek Village like to make souvenirs from pandan leaves. Those leaves are braided to create hats, bags, and other unique stuffs. Those souvenirs are sold in affordable prices for tourists who visit their village. Hence, if you are visiting this exotic village do not forget to buy one. Another unique activity that only can be found in this village is the attraction when the residents feeding the fish in the sea. Abundance numbers of fish will immediately gather when you spread their food.  If you want to join in this interesting activity you only need to pay around 50.000 rupiah for the fish food.

The next natural view that you can enjoy in Sauwandrek Village is Yenauwyau Lake. This place is recommended to visit for those who like tracking. What make this lake is really unique is the water since it tastes salty like a sea. People believe that there is a cave that connects this lake with the sea because of its unique taste. To reach Sauwandrek Village, you need to spend around 2 to 4 hours from the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai. You can ride ship or speed boat for faster reaching.

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