Finding the Hidden Paradise in Hidden Bay, Raja Ampat

Having a great time enjoying the beauty of the nature is something great to refresh our mind we can get our mind relaxed by having a great time there. That is something good to do if you already feel stuck with all of your routines. It is good to take some days for having a break and have a sweet escape to refresh the mind. Visiting Raja Ampat is such a good thing to do. That has the beautiful nature in serene which can be enjoyed. We can enjoy a lot of activities there. One of the good places to visit in Raja Ampat is the Hidden Bay. If you list Kabui Bay as your destination in your Raja Ampat vacation, you need to visit Hidden bay near Kabui Bay. So, after you enjoy the adorable and fascinating coral islands in Kabui Bay, you can go on to Hidden Bay. That is called as Hidden Bay since it only can be reached when the water is high. That is because when the water is receding, the place will be hindered by the sands and the boat would not be able to cross. So, you need to wait a moment until it is getting high and you can enter the hidden paradise there.

The Hidden bay is such a must visit place especially if we are also visiting Kabui Bay. The small lane which will connect to Hidden bay is really small so that it needs to be much more careful since it really risky. That is because the boat can be sunk by the sandy of the seabed. So, the boat crew needs to be completely careful to handle the boat. However, after the heart-beating journey to reach Hidden bay, you will feel like finding the hidden paradise there. There, we will find the beautiful coral reefs, mangrove forests, and also the clean white sands. The clear water makes everything perfect.

In Hidden bay, we will get the great looking of the colorful marine species, including the colorful coral reefs. The various beautiful yet colorful fishes will make our eyes so fresh. That will be totally exciting and you will get the unforgettable moment there. In Hidden bay, you also can enjoy the great time of snorkeling in Hidden bay to meet the adorable underwater species there. For sure, it will be such a great moment to swim between the mangroves. That is what you will enjoy when you are enjoying the place.

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