Tasting and Challenging Foods in Raja Ampat

Traveling somewhere far away from home will always bring curiosities towards various things. Art, culture and a lot other things will be very nice to be known. Culinary becomes one of the most interesting things to be explored. Raja Ampat is just like the other regions around the world. This region is also offering the very unique culinary for the people who come and visit. Raja Ampat has three main foods including rice, sago and sweet potato. These three main foods will be served alongside seafood, vegetable dishes, poultry, red meat and others to make up a complete menu of the day.

Popular Foods of Raja Ampat

In culinary of Raja Ampat, coconuts are often being used in various dishes. The example is the cassava leaves being boiled in coconut milk. Coconuts can also be processed into traditional beverages such as Saguer which is a local type of liquor purely made of coconuts. One whole pig can be found being roasted in various traditional events and quite popular dish to be found. Aside of that, there are other popular foods of Raja Ampat including Barapen Ayam, Mumu and also Papeda. Each food has their own characteristics and become popular for particular reasons.

Mumu is known as traditional dish. Its name is taken from the name of “kitchen” used by locals. Mumu is the combination of pork, sweet potatoes, vegetable dishes and rice. Meanwhile, Barepan Ayam ala Walesi is known to be very popular. Walesi is known as the name of a tribe in Wamena. They replace the usage of pork with chicken because the majority of people in Wamena are Muslims. Another popular dish is Papeda. This one is very popular because of the easiness in cooking it. The ingredients are just two, sago and hot water. Papeda is often served with sour fish or others depending on personal taste.

Challenging the Extraordinary Foods

Extreme foods or the extraordinary foods are challenging. Raja Ampat has several foods those are considered being extreme. These foods are unusual but some people might try if they want to. Amongst the extraordinary foods, there are the fried sea worms and sago maggot skewer. These are common foods for the natives. The sea worms will be fried until they become crispy. Sago maggots are often found on the old sago trees. The natives often eat them without cooking them but as the time goes, the maggots are cooked to be more appealing.

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