Enjoying the Fun Vacation in Beautiful Arborek Village

There are so many places which we can enjoy when we are planning to have a great vacation. One of them is Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia which is totally popular among people all over the world. If you like to be at the serene place with its beautiful nature, including the underwater world and the beach, the answer is surely Raja Ampat. That has the beautiful nature with the adorable world underwater paradise to be enjoyed. A lot of spots there can be well enjoyed. We can simply find some ideas for the great spots to visit in Raja Ampat. One of the great spots there is Arborek Village. That is such a must visit spot in Raja Ampat. Arborek Village is one of the popular villages in Raja Ampat which becomes one of the destinations for many visitors of Raja Ampat. That can be the destination for the village tour in Raja Ampat. Of course, there will be a lot of great activities which the visitors can enjoy there.

In Arborek Village, you can enjoy the activities of the native people there. One of the activities which you can enjoy is getting known about their daily activities, as like the women there who are creating their typical crafts, which is the woven hat. That is one of the typical craft in Arborek Village. When it s low tide of the sea water, the visitors also can enjoy the activities which are done by the women in Arborek Village, which is hunting the sea cucumbers. Sure, there are so many interesting activities that are done by the native people there which we can join in. Besides of that, as like the other spots in Raja Ampat, when you are in Arborek Village, diving and snorkeling are the must do activities. Sure, the beautiful underwater view becomes something great to enjoy there.

Diving and snorkeling in Arborek Village becomes something special since we can meet the Pari Manta fishes there. This kind of fish in this area is totally kind since they will greet us and we will enjoy the interaction with the fishes. That will be such the unforgettable moment to get when we are in Raja Ampat. Of course, there are also a lot of marine species which are totally adorable and wonderful to be enjoyed there. Sure, besides of that, the beautiful beach scenery in Arborek Village is also completely beautiful. We can enjoy every second there and get our mind completely refreshed.

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