Enjoy Holiday Season in Raja Ampat and Waisai City

Indonesia has many tourism places and one of them is Raja Ampat in West Papua. Raja Ampat well knew for Indonesia and foreign tourist as diving place because it has beautiful sea or ocean. People who visit this place like to spend time enjoy the beach at Raja Ampat and do some diving sport. Raja Ampat located in the bird’s head of West Papua and it has four big islands such as Misool Island, Batanta Island, Waigeo Island, and Salawati Island. Each island in Raja Ampat has their unique tourism destination place and tourist can enjoy amazing scenery from each island.

Usually people who want to go Raja Ampat will visit Sorong City first since it popular as departure point or the gate to Raja Ampat. Tourist who comes from anywhere can take some plane and landed to Sorong City first and then they can rent or ride tourist boat or private boat to go to Raja Ampat. People who want to go to diving spot will rent some private boat and the diving organizer will bring them to diving areas. Tourist also can take some ferry to enjoy the Raja Ampat sceneries. For those who want to do some diving need to ride small rubber boat and some drivers will take you to underwater. You can do all these sports in Raja Ampat such as Kayaking, Snorkeling, Visit Red Bird of Paradise, Fishing, and many more.

Morning at Waisai City
One of popular Raja Ampat diving destination is Waisai. Waisai City is the capital city of Raja Ampat. Waisai is in Waigeo Island. To go Waisai City tourist can ride ferry from Sorong City. This ferry leave every day and after you arrive to Waisai City you will be picked by a boat to bring the visitors to diving spot. Anyway, before the visitor can enjoy their diving sport, they need to get permission from local police and usually they will ask your passport plus three copy of your passport and Indonesia Visa. But do not need to be worry since your diving organizer will take care of this matter.

Visitors also can enjoy a home stay in Waisai City and they can enjoy beautiful beach in Waisai namely Waisai Tercinta Beach or WTC. WTC has beautiful scenery which can be enjoyed in anytime. So you also can enjoy the beach scenery at night and you will get fresh air with the trees surround you. Other visit places which you can enjoy are Waisai Port, and Masjid Agung Waisai. Not only for tourism place, but Waisai City also become a research place for visitor.

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