The Best Villages to Visit in Raja Ampat

Indonesia is known with its thousand vacation destination. The hottest one today would be Raja Ampat. We can say that this is the real paradise for diving. You can find many spots and each of them has the most beautiful undersea scenery on earth. Now, if you want to really experience the greatness of this hidden paradise, you can stay and visit the villages in Raja Ampat and do the activity that you can only do at each of those villages. Here are the villages that you must visit in Raja Ampat.

Village in Raja Ampat
Sawinggrai Village

This is the best place where you can see one of the rarest birds in Papua, the Red Bird of Paradise. Just equip your camera and take a picture of this beautiful bird. More than that, this village is also the home of one of the Raja Ampat and Papua traditional art that you can buy as souvenir. For this village, you can find many beautiful sculpting artworks. If you want to see the bird, you must visit this village in the morning, around 7 to 8 am. This is the time when these birds came out from their nest and looking for some food.

Sauwundarek Village

This is the best place for you who are looking for nice place to relax. For beach lover, this is your real paradise. This place has one of beautiful beach in Indonesia. We can say that this place is more beautiful than Kuta Beach in Bali. The pure white sand with peaceful environment is really best place where you can relieve all stress inside your mind. There are also many sea ducks that you can see here.

Arborek Village

This is the main destination for vacation in Raja Ampat. The most interesting thing about this village is you can easily find beautiful diving spot here. Just dive around the pier or any place near the sea, and you will find really beautiful scenery on that spot. You also can enjoy them with snorkeling. There are so many spots like this in this village. A day won’t be enough to enjoy each spot that offers unique characteristic of undersea scenery. The string bag craft also become great thing you can buy as souvenir. In this village, you don’t need vehicle to move around. Just walk around and enjoy the beautiful nature in this village. All people here are also very kind, so, you can easily blend in and get the best vacation experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

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