The Variety of Languages in Raja Ampat

The beautiful lost paradise, Raja Ampat is teasing a lot more people to come and visit. The islands are beautiful and the sea offers a real extraordinary experience. There are various undersea creatures waiting for divers to greet them and swim with them. Many people visit Raja Ampat because they want to witness the beautiful underwater life. It won’t hurt to know and learn more about Raja Ampat and the people there. The people of Raja Ampat may seem to be scary but they are lovely people. They are kind and love to live in peace. They communicate to each other very well despite the fact that they have multiple languages used every day.

Local Languages of Raja Ampat

There are approximately 9 local languages that often being used every day. Some languages even has several dialects that can be identified. The nine local languages are as the followings:
@ Ma’ya
@ Ambel
@ Batanta
@ Moi
@ Tepin
@ Misool
@ Matbat
@ Biak
@ Biga
Each local language is being used specifically in particular areas. For example, Ma’ya language is being used mainly by Wawiyai tribe in Kabui cove as well as in villages like Araway, Beo and Lopintol. It is also used by Kawe tribe in the villages of Bianci, Salio, Selpele and Waisilip. Each language is unique in its own way. As mentioned above, some languages have dialects that add more colors top the art of communication. Tepin, Moi and Biak are examples of Raja Ampat’s local languages that have dialects.
Each language is being used by the different groups of people live in particular areas in Raja Ampat. The fact that Raja Ampat has so many languages is really interesting. The fact that the locals are able to live peacefully despite of differences is even more interesting.

Betting On Indonesian and Other Languages

The local languages are not the only ones used. There are also other languages that can be found spoken by some people. However, these languages are known to be minority with exception for national language, Bahasa Indonesia. In various parts of Raja Ampat, some languages from other parts of Indonesia such as Java, Bugis, Buton, Seram, Ternate and Tobelo can be heard spoken by some people. Considering how Raja Ampat is getting more popular as tourism destination for international tourists, English might be heard as well even if it is the broken English.

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